Levo Plus Pipette Filler from Scilogex

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Levo Plus is an easy to use serological pipette controller for use with 1-100ml pipettes. Simply attach a any size serological pipette into the silicone holder and you are ready to pipette. The LCD display shows the battery level and with adjustable coarse speed setting. Touch sensitive comfortable contored triggers control the fine speed of aspiration and pipetting process. A replaceable 0.45um hydrophobic filter prevents liquids from contaminating the inside of the unit.

Levo Plus Motorized Pipette Filler Features

  • LCD Display shows battery charge and adjustable coarse speed setting

  • Lightweight ergonomic design

  • Comfortable concave triggers with fine speed control

  • 8 hour continuous use per charge

  • For use with 1-100ml pipets

  • Can fill a 25ml pipette in 6 seconds

  • Touch sensitive triggers for fine speed control

  • Gravity dispense, with blow-out for TD pipettes

  • Comes with 2 x 0.45um hydrophobic filters

  • Autoclavable nose-cone

  • Powerful lithium-ion battery, no 'memory'

  • Can be used while charging, no down-time


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  • Customer Reviews on Levo Plus Pipette Filler from Scilogex
    Medical Science Liason

    I like that it's offered in different colors because it helps me partner it up with particular samples or application. Overall it's easy to use, while the filter is also easy to replace. Wish I could exceed the 50 ml limit per squeeze though.

    Clinical Lab Researcher

    A very helpful pipetting tool. The quality of its material looks like it's going to last for years. I already recommended it to colleagues and if I still need more I will definitely go back here.

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