M3800 Ultrasonic Cleaner from Branson

Timer Yes
Controls (Digital/Mechanical) Mechanical
Tank Length (Inch) 11.5
Tank Depth (Inch) 6
Tank Width (Inch) 6
Tank Volume (Gallons) 1.5
Frequency (KHz) 40
Heater No
Sweep Yes
Drain Yes

Finding the best fit ultrasonic cleaner to make way for systematic cleaning for intricate labware, glassware and other instruments used in industrial, electronics, and laboratory industries may be time consuming. Given a wide range of accessible products in the market, you might feel challenged on what to select. Lab.Equipment is here to help you in acquiring the appropriate ultrasonic cleaner for your particular application so no need to fret Examine the Branson M3800 that can ensure dependable cleaning of your instruments, eliminating any traces of blood, proteins, pigments, chemicals, greases, oils, and an assortment of contaminant residues. If you believe that this unit does not make your cut, find the best ultrasonic cleaner to meet your lab protocols by the help of our FAQ, review, and comparison of an assortment of units available.

Lab.Equipment carries 119 ultrasonic cleaners from all 10 credible manufacturers like Branson. Unlike any other supplier around, we would not just offer you a product catalog stuffed with repeating jargons and terminologies but instead, we will offer you a good understanding about these laboratory ultrasonic cleaners, presenting you details on what specific unit is best for your operations. Look forward to seeing product descriptions carefully drafted for you. Allow us to guide you in deciding if the Branson M3800 ultrasonic cleaner is the one you are looking for.

Here is a list of prominent features of the Branson M3800 ultrasonic cleaner:

What is the tank size and capacity of Branson M3800 compared to other ultrasonic cleaners?

Tank Dimension

The M3800 has a tank size of 11.5 in x 6 in x 6 in and can accomodate up to about 1.5 gallons. It can be used for degassing of liquids, cell separation, as well as sample preparation.

What is the ultrasonic frequency of the Branson M3800? Does it have a sweep mode option?

Frequency and Sweep Mode

The M3800 ultrasonic cleaner from Branson has a frequency of 40 kHz and has a sweep mode to ensure even cleaning process and do away with hotspots and dead zones.

How do you control the Branson M3800? Does it have a built-in timer?

Control Type and Timer

Providing exceptional performance, reliability, as well as durability, the efficient Branson M3800 is a mechanical ultrasonic cleaner that comes with a built-in timer.

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Can the Branson M3800 ultrasonic cleaner offer heated cleaning?


The M3800 doesn't come with a tank heater feature. If you need to clean fatty and waxy compounds or heavy soils, you should search for a unit with heated cleaning capability.

Can I easily empty and drain the Branson M3800 ultrasonic cleaner?


The Branson M3800 model features a drain feature for hassle-free disposal of your cleaning solvents.

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Bransonic M cleaners are known for offering a level of precision and reliability you have come to expect from Branson. 

• M Series includes 60-minute mechanical timer and continuous operation.

M Series cleaners offer the following features:

• Sweep frequency eliminates standing waves and creates consistent cavitation throughout the tank.

• 40 kHz rugged industrial transducers.

• Controls are located above and behind the cleaning tank in an easily accessible control tower panel, and raised above the tank to avoid damage from cleaning solutions.

• Convenient built-in pour drains are featured on.5- and .75-gallon models. Tank drains with valves are incorporated on models 1.5-gallon and larger.

• Plastic body, chemical-resistant.

A popular brand from Emerson Electric Company, Branson offers advanced Sonifiers and Tabletop Cleaners built to provide industry-leading reliability and control in precision cleaning. For over 50 years, Branson’s line of Sonifiers has been setting industry standards for applications including liquid degassing, liposome preparation, genome research, and more while their range of ultrasonic cleaners has been providing ultimate performance when it comes to keeping laboratory equipment free from unwanted and hazardous contaminants. With Emerson Electric’s worldwide presence, Branson products reach customers from the Americas and to various Asian countries.

Lab.Equipment carries the following product lines from Branson:

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Drain: Yes
Timer: Yes
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Controls (Digital/Mechanical): Mechanical
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Frequency (KHz): 40
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Heater: No
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Sweep: Yes
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Depth (Inch): 6
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Length (Inch): 11.5
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Volume (Gallons): 1.5
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Width (Inch): 6

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