Mesenchymal Stem Cell/Multipotent Stromal Cell Augmentation of Wound Healing: Lessons from the Physiology of Matrix and Hypoxia Support

April 20, 2020 | Histopathology

No need to search at great lengths for current Histopathology industry news as Lab.Equipment guarantees you are updated whenever and wherever. This week’s curated article is fresh from The American Journal of Pathology:

Cutaneous wounds requiring tissue replacement are often challenging to treat and result in substantial economic burden. Many of the challenges inherent to therapy mediated healing are due to comorbidities of disease and aging that render many wounds as chronic or non-healing. Repeated failure to resolve chronic wounds compromises the reserve or functioning of localized reparative cells. Transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells/multipotent stromal cells (MSCs) has been proposed to augment the reparative capacity of resident cells within the wound bed to overcome ‘stalled’ wound healing.... Want to read more? View the entire article in  The American Journal of Pathology Blog.

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