Metallurgical Lab Autoclaves

Lab.Equipment distributes feature-packed metallurgical lab autoclaves designed to thoroughly sterilize laboratory solutions, instruments, glassware, and plasticware employed in examining metals, copper, iron, magnesium, chromium, alloys, as well as intermetallic compounds. Equipped with fully automatic autoclaving capabilities including filling, sterilizing, exhausting, and drying processes, our metallurgical laboratory autoclaves facilitate convenient and hassle-free operations. Each autoclave ensure quality in performing various applications such as contamination analysis, chemical testing, micro-hardness testing, macroscopic evaluation, materials verification and development, tensile testing, micro structural analysis, as well as case depth measurement. 

Laboratory autoclaves presented by Lab.Equipment come from respected industry brands only. Browse through our metallurgical lab autoclaves below to find the best instrument for your application!

BioClave 16 Autoclave from Benchmark Scientific
5,559.00 4,725.15 4725.15 USD
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