MPA-10000 Pipette from A&D Weighing

Variable or Fixed Volume Variable Volume
Volume Range Min (uL) 100
Volume Range Max (uL) 10000
Accuracy (%/uL) 2.5/1000
Repeatability/Precision (%/uL) 0.6/1000
Autoclavable Yes
Resolution (uL) 0.01

With most lab processes dependent on measurement and transfer of liquids and media, lab pipettes are considered essential tools in various laboratories, scientific facilities, as well as universities. Finding the best-fit unit that can accurately dispense samples and reagents is crucial for achieving reliable analytical results. Considering all pipette models available in the market today, looking for the perfect one to meet your liquid handling procedures can be an intimidating and time-consuming task. No need to worry as Lab.Equipment is here to make your unit selection fast and hassle-free. See if the A&D MPA-10000 single channel electronic pipette suits your applications by reading though our frequently asked questions and customer reviews below. If you want to evaluate the A&D MPA-10000 against other laboratory pipettes through specifications available, feel free to use our compare boxes to assist with your pipette search.

Lab.Equipment presents 181 electronic pipettes from 10 of the most trusted manufacturers in the lab market today including A&D Weighing. Offering years of experience working with well-known lab equipment brands plus a broad online reach, we assure only the best prices and the freshest product information there is for your electronic pipette needs. Our difference from other distributors is that we fully commit in leading customers to the right pipette without dilly-dallying, redirecting them to the one that meets their required features and functionalities in the shortest time possible.

Biological, analytical, and clinical laboratories that perform routinary pipetting of time sensitive samples can rely on electronic pipettes like the ones from the A&D MPA series. Recommended for use in doing assays, dilutions, and liquid transfers to 96-well or 384-well microplates, the A&D MPA-10000 single channel variable volume electronic pipette is a cost-efficient option compared to mechanical ones and can even substitute for automated pipetting systems if working with relatively small amounts of liquids.

What is the capacity of the A&D Weighing MPA-10000 single-channel electronic pipette?

The A&D MPA-10000 electronic pipette allows you to dispense liquid samples with volumes ranging from 100 - 10,000 uL.

What type of electronic pipette should I get if I typically work on experiments dealing with small volume liquid samples?

Achieve faster and reliable pipetting with a single-channel electronic pipette like the AND MPA10000.

How much flexibility does the A&D MPA-10000 electronic pipette offer?

Engineered to be a variable volume pipette, the A&D MPA-10000 lets users adjust pipetting volumes between 100 - 10000 uL, making it a good choice especially when working on a range of assays and applications.

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Can I dispense the exact volume I want to dispense with the A&D Weighing MPA-10000 lab pipette?

Built to offer an accuracy of 2.5/1000 (%/uL), the A&D MPA10000 lets you hit the exact volumes you want to hit, confidently handling liquids from one sample container to another.

How precise is the A&D MPA-10000 pipette?

Ensure pipetting reproducibility and get the same volume each time using the A&D10000 that comes with a 0.6/1000 (%/uL) repeatability.

How does the AND MPA-10000 single channel electronic pipette help improve my lab’s productivity?

Designed with various pipetting modes, the AND MPA-10000 electronic pipette makes way for faster pipetting compared to mechanical ones. It comes with the following:

  • AUTO mode for standard automatic aspiration and dispensing

  • Multiple Dispensing mode (MD) for dividing an aspirated volume into multiple dispensing of a lower volume

  • Mixing mode (MIX) that allows users to set aspirating-dispensing cycles to mix and homogenize samples

  • Reverse Operation function that is best for when working with viscous samples

What advantages does the A&D MPA-10000 single-channel electronic pipette offer compared to manual pipettes?

With its automated operation, the A&D MPA-10000 pipette makes way for even sample dispensing as well as user-independent results. Because it has an electronic control, pipetting results are not affected even if used by multiple users. Repetitive strain injuries are avoided as an electronic pipette requires fewer hand movements compared to mechanical pipettes. Quick calibration either by weight (mg) or by volume (mL) to correct any pipette tip related errors is also possible with the AND Weighing MPA-10000.

What other features of the A&D MPA-10000 single channel pipette would make me want to purchase it over others?

The AND MPA-10000 is designed with an electronic control that minimizes contamination risks from excessive sample suctions. Complete with paddings on all four corners of the pipette head plus a long and curved finger hook for secure grip at all times, you don’t have to worry about possible damages caused by falls. The unit also has a 9 program memory that lets users to quickly store and recall operations as well as combinations of dispensing volumes set.

How much effort do I need to put when maintaining the A&D MPA-10000 variable pipette?

Cleaning and maintaining the MPA-10000 pipette is effortless since it’s autoclavable. The unit’s lower part including its piston and tip holder can easily be detached from it’s head so sterilization is not a problem.

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A&D MPA Pipettes - Product Videos

Watch complete demos on how each pipetting mode works for efficient handling and consistent delivery of samples into microplates and other vessels. Learn how to set volume, mix, dispense, and aspirate using the MPA pipettes.

Sequential Aspirating (SA) Mode


Sequential Dispensing (SD) Mode


Multiple Dispensing (MD) Mode


Mixing (MIX) Mode


Dispensing and Mixing (AUTO + MIX) Mode


Reverse Operation Mode


MPA-10000 Variable Volume Single Channel Electronic Pipette

  • Industry leading price/performance ratio

  • True alternative to mechanical pipettes - for nearly the same cost!

  • Eliminate repetitive thumb strain by using light keystrokes with the index finger

  • Dispense by volume (μL), or weight (mg)

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose The MPA-10000

1. Automatic control ensures accuracy for everyone at all times
Unlike manual (mechanical) pipettes, dispensed quantities will not vary with each person or each pipetting motion. Automatic operation ensures uniform accurate pipetting for both novice and expert alike, making anyone’s assays always reliable.

2. Minimal stress, pain-free operation prevents errors due to fatigue

When the volume becomes large, a manual pipette is especially tiring to operate because of the large diameter of the cylinder and long movements of the piston. Operating a manual pipette requires holding out the thumb perpendicular to the hand and then pushing the plunger all the way down with a force of a few kilograms. Such irregular movement can easily cause a repetitive strain injury (RSI) in the base of the thumb as you repeat it day in, day out.

With the MPA series, it is possible to control the plunger by lightly pressing a key with the ball of the forefinger (like pulling a trigger), while maintaining all fingers in a natural, effortless grip. No longer will hours or days of pipetting make you feel any pain in your thumb. *1

**1 Our experiment verified that virtually no strain occurs at all after 3,000 repeated pipettings over a 5 hour period

3. Various useful pipetting functions, including multiple dispensing to a maximum of 99 times*1

This and other functions such as mixing and reverse operations will dramatically increase your work efficiency and accuracy.Apart from standard automatic aspirating and dispensing (AUTO mode), the following functions help greatly reduce time, stress and error associated with certain pipetting tasks:

  • Multiple dispensing (MD) mode

    The MD mode lets you divide one aspirated volume (e.g. 1200 µL) into multiple dispensings of a smaller volume (e.g. 100 µL × 12 times). Use of this function will dramatically increase efficiency when you have to deliver the same amount of sample repeatedly into microplate wells, etc. The MPA series automatically prevents error due to backlash, which presents itself when the operation switches from aspirating to dispensing. You therefore need not discard the first dispensing volume as being inaccurate, as is the case with conventional electronic pipettes.

  • Mixing (MIX) mode

    In MIX mode the pipette executes with one key press a set number of aspirating-dispensing cycles to mix and homogenize the solution in the receiving vessel. The same task using a manual pipette particularly tires your thumb and is also difficult to perform correctly when the mixing volume is small (prone to mix air and produce bubbles).

  • Reverse operation

    When reverse operation is selected, the pipette first aspirates a volume larger than the set dispensing volume, and discards the excess volume after delivery. This function is recommended for viscous samples that tend to linger in the tip.

4. Easy calibration and adjustment by yourself (User CAL function), either by volume (mL) or weight (mg)
All you have to do is simply input the correct value measured by a balance (A&D’s pipette accuracy testers are recommended) into the MPA-10000.

Frequent, outsourced pipette calibration services can be expensive and impractical. With the MPA, you can ensure pipette accuracy by performing calibration at your own facility when needed, increasing the precision of your analyses.This function also corrects for possible errors arising from differences in tip characteristics so you can use your preferred manufacturer’s tips without any worry.

Calibration and display in a unit of weight (mg)

With the MPA series, you can choose to calibrate and display the pipetting amount based on the weight (mg) of the sample itself measured using a balance, instead of volume (µL). This will make it much easier for you to handle liquids that need to be managed by weight, such as a diluted solution of a solid or powder, eliminating the necessity of troublesome density calculations. Additionally, it realizes more precise control of dispensing amounts of liquids whose viscous resistances or behaviors inside tips are different from that of purified water (with which the volume is normally calibrated).

5. Despite all these advantages, price is almost comparable to that of a manual pipette

Other Features of the MPA Pipettes:  

Increased resistance to impacts from falls
One of the most common repairs of electronic pipettes is for a broken LCD display due to drops and falls. With padding on the four corners of the head*, the LCD panel of the MPA is designed to be protected from impacts from falls. Also, the finger hook that rests on your middle finger is long and curved in such a way that the pipette will remain perched in the hand even when the grip is loosened. 

User-friendly industrial design
The movement of the trigger can be controlled with the ball of the index finger instead of the thumb while maintaining all fingers in a natural, effortless grip.

Simple function and operation settings
Changing the operation mode, volume(s), aspirating and dispensing speeds*5, etc., is simple and straightforward. Further, up to nine combinations of these settings can be saved in the pipette for immediate recall at later times.

Battery and charging options
The MPA series receives power supply from either an AC adapter or lithium-ion rechargeable battery (1,800 pipettings guaranteed on a full charge). You can also use the pipette without any hitches while charging the battery at the same time via USB connection.

Besides the USB power connecter, the MPA series is equipped with electrode terminals to be hooked onto the following charger devices (all sold separately).

For over 40 years, A&D Weighing has been providing advanced and accurate measurement instruments for a diverse range of markets including Research, Industrial Protection, Jewelry, and Food Processing. One of the trusted names when it comes to precision measurement and product inspection, A&D Weighing delivers an innovative line of electronic balances, digital scales, weighing indicators and controllers, load cells, and non-destructive measurement equipment. Complying to ISO:9001-2008 standards, A&D manufactures high quality products from worldwide operations in the US, Japan, Germany, Australia, Great Britain, and Korea and serves the Americas from its headquarters in Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA. Trust A&D to prove performance with its 5-year warranty on all microbalances, analytical balances, and precision scales.

A&D’s product line available on Lab.Equipment is comprised of the following:

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Resolution (uL): 0.01
[Pipette] Accuracy (%/uL): 2.5/1000
[Pipette] Autoclavable: Yes
[Pipette] Repeatability/Precision (%/uL): 0.6/1000
[Pipette] Variable or Fixed Volume: Variable Volume
[Pipette] Volume Range Max (uL): 10000
[Pipette] Volume Range Min (uL): 100

  • Customer Reviews on MPA-10000 Pipette from A&D Weighing

    This is my first time to try a pipette from A&D Weighing and I'm really impressed by its discharge precision. It's great for collecting samples using 96-well plates. I do a lot of pipetting work so ergonomics is important for me. I'm glad this pipette is lightweight and electronic which is a lot more comfortable to use. Price isn't even far from manual pipettes too.

    I really like this pipette. Since it's an electronic model, liquid transfer is super precise and it's also a lot easier to use than mechanical ones we previously had.

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