Near-equal Compressibility of Liver Oil and Seawater Minimises Buoyancy Changes in Deep-sea Sharks and Chimaeras

June 03, 2020 | Biology

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Handpicked by Lab.Equipment from the Journal of Experimental Biology (JEB), here is an interesting Biology industry news for you:

Imants G. Priede, Rhoderick W. Burgass, Manolis Mandalakis, Apostolos Spyros, Petros Gikas, Finlay Burns, and Jim Drewery

Whereas upper ocean pelagic sharks are negatively buoyant and must swim continuously to generate lift from their fins, deep-sea sharks float or swim slowly buoyed up by large volumes of low-density oils in their livers. Investigation of the pressure, volume, temperature (PVT) relationships for liver oils of 10 species of deep-sea Chondrichthyes shows that the density difference between oil and seawater, , remains almost constant with pressure down to full ocean depth (11 km, 1100 bar), theoretically providing buoyancy far beyond the maximum depth of occurrence (3700 m) of sharks. However, does change significantly with temperature and we show that the combined effects of pressure and temperature can decrease buoyancy of oil by up to 10% between the surface and 3500 m depth across interfaces between warm southern and cold polar waters in the Rockall Trough in the NE Atlantic. This increases drag more than 10-fold compared with neutral buoyancy during horizontal slow swimming (0.1 m s–1), but the effect becomes negligible at high speeds. Chondrichthyes generally experience positive buoyancy change during ascent and negative buoyancy change during descent, but contrary effects can occur at interfaces between waters of different densities. During normal vertical migrations buoyancy changes are small, increasing slow-speed drag no more than 2- to 3-fold. Equations and tables of density, pressure and temperature are provided for squalene and liver oils of Chimaeriformes (Harriotta raleighana, Chimaera monstrosa, Hydrolagus affinis), Squaliformes (Centrophorus squamosus, Deania calcea, Centr... You can view the full article in the Journal of Experimental Biology Blog.

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