New carbon dioxide-derived Electrode has resulted in excellent sodium-ion battery performance

May 05, 2023 | Environmental Lab

A nanotechnology company from Estonia in  Europe named UP Catalyst has successfully developed a new electrode created from Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) that demonstrated increased performance in sodium-ion batteries.

Their work utilized carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that resulted in a significant increase in the cyclability of sodium-ion batteries. Their electrode retained 93.75% of its capacity after 4,000 charge and discharge cycles, in contrast to commercially available batteries that deplete after 800 cycles.

Moreover, the new electrode showed excellent stability and a better energy density, which may allow for large-scale energy storage applications later. UP Catalyst also takes pride in its new material being an eco-friendly one due to the company’s use of sustainable carbon nanomaterials derived from CO2-rich flue gases from heavy industry emitters.

Gary Urb, CEO of UP Catalyst in a press release said, “The development of this new electrode material is a significant step towards achieving these goals, as it not only enhances battery performance but also helps to mitigate the impact of carbon emissions on the environment.”

This development in sodium-ion battery technology is seen to create a significant shift in the energy storage industry, making it a good competition with lithium-ion batteries. In fact, UP Catalysts claims that the new electrode may exceed the performance of other existing battery technologies and is at a much lower cost and higher efficiency and safety levels.

Currently, several large manufacturers are keen to obtain the right to mass-production of the next-generation sodium-ion battery. UP Catalyst is yet to announce future plans for the production of the said breakthrough.

The new material gains favor and is deemed a contribution to the sustainable energy industry– another significant step to achieving an environmentally conscious future.

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