Ohaus Explorer Balances

Explorer Series Lab Balances perform diverse applications including pipette adjustment and ingredient costing. Their weight capacity ranges from 120 - 320g.

Lab.Equipment provides a full range of precision and analytical balances from Ohaus' Explorer Series. The Explorer series of balances integrates advanced functionality and modern design to bring you the highest performing balances available in the industry. Manufactured to streamline laboratory measurement procedures, this superior line of balances offers intelligent and intuitive features such as AutoCal™ Internal Calibration for automatic tuning of the balance when temperature changes, guaranteeing the accuracy of your measurements.

The Ohaus Explorer Series balances showcase quick stabilization, enhanced linearity and highly reproducible results. Its modular metal construction ensures durability and resilience for long-term usage. Explorer analytical and precision balances also offer flexibility with different display mounting options such as: above the balance, to a wall, or countertop. Each model features wide and highly-advanced color graphic touchscreen for quick and easy reading of measurements and access to application modes and software functions including including user management, minimum weight indications, and library.

Shop a range of Ohaus Explorer lab balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect analytical balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

Explorer EX223/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
2,335.00 1,984.75 1984.75 USD
Explorer EX2202/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
2,546.00 2,164.10 2164.1 USD
Explorer EX223 Precision Scale from Ohaus
2,718.00 2,310.30 2310.3 USD
Explorer EX6201/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
2,729.00 2,319.65 2319.65 USD
Explorer EX423/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
2,829.00 2,404.65 2404.65 USD
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Explorer EX2202 Precision Scale from Ohaus
2,945.00 2,503.25 2503.25 USD
Explorer EX4202/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
2,970.00 2,524.50 2524.5 USD
Explorer EX423 Precision Scale from Ohaus
3,180.00 2,703.00 2703.0 USD
Explorer EX6201 Precision Scale from Ohaus
3,190.00 2,711.50 2711.5 USD
Explorer EX4202 Precision Scale from Ohaus
3,385.00 2,877.25 2877.25 USD
Explorer EX6202/E Precision Scale from Ohaus
3,405.00 2,894.25 2894.25 USD
Explorer EX10201 Precision Scale from Ohaus
3,500.00 2,975.00 2975.0 USD
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