P0108 Cable from Radwag

Radwag WX-013-0003

RS 232 cable for connecting a balance/scale (PUE C/31 indicator) to an Epson printer. Standard cable length: 1,7m

Compatible with

  • AS 3Y Analytical Balances
  • AS R2 Analytical Balances
  • AS X2 Analytical Balances
  • XA 4Y.F Analytical Balances
  • PS 3Y Precision Balances
  • WLY Precision Balances
  • WLC Precision Balances
  • WLC C/2 Precision Balances
  • PS R1 Precision Balances
  • PS R2 Precision Balances
  • PS X2 Precision Balances
  • WTC Precision Balances
  • WLC X2 Precision Balances
  • PM 3Y Moisture Analyzers
  • PMR Moisture Analyzers
  • PM.X2.A Moisture Analyzers
  • UYA 4Y.F Ultra-microbalances
  • APM 4Y Precision Balances
  • APM C32 Precision Balances
  • PS R Precision Balance
  • PUE C/31 Indicator
  • PUE 7.1 Terminal
  • PUE C32 Terminal
  • AKM-2 Automatic Mass Comparators
  • AK-4 Automatic Mass Comparators
  • UYA.4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparators
  • WAY.4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparators
  • APP.4Y.KO Manual Mass Comparators
  • XA.4Y.A.KB Manual Mass Comparators
  • PS.4Y.KB Manual Mass Comparators
  • PM.4Y.KB Manual Mass Comparators
  • XA 4Y Analytical Balances
  • XA 4Y.A Analytical Balances

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