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Lab.Equipment offers a broad collection of multi-channel pipettes built to meet the demands of various applications including microbiology, histopathology, biotechnology, chemistry, cannabis, forensics, clinical, environmental, and animal. Explore manual and electronic multi-channel pipettes only from well-known brands on Lab.Equipment!

Now you can quickly find the best multi-channel pipette for your specific application requirements at a budget-friendly price! Simply narrow down our selection below using the highly accurate product filter to define your needs based on volume type and volume capacity, accuracy level, and other more attributes. While the price range tool makes it easy for you to discover the multi-channel pipette that fits your budget. For more detailed assessment of similar models, take advantage of the Compare button that shows apples-to-apples comparison of your possible multi-channel pipettes!

Margareth Braun Biologist
5 out of 5
I bought this Micropette Plus 12-channel pipette with a really good discount (thanks Lab.Equipment) and I have to say I'm...
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Pipetman M P8x100M Pipette from Gilson
Variable or Fixed Volume Volume Range Min (uL) Volume Range Max (uL)
Pipetman M P8x200M Pipette from Gilson
Variable or Fixed Volume Volume Range Min (uL) Volume Range Max (uL)
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