Portable Sequencing as a Teaching Tool in Conservation and Biodiversity Research

June 05, 2020 | Biology

Keep updated on the newest Bio news anytime you want. Lab.Equipment is here to bring current articles from trustworthy online sources today. This article is freshly curated from from PLOS Biology:

by Mrinalini Watsa, Gideon Andrew Erkenswick, Aaron Pomerantz, Stefan Prost

As biodiversity loss continues to accelerate, there is a critical need for education and biomonitoring across the globe. Portable technologies allow for in situ molecular biodiversity monitoring that has been historically out of reach for many researchers in habitat nations. In the realm of education, portable tools such as DNA sequencers facilitate in situ hands-on training in real-time sequencing and interpretation techniques. Here, we provide step-by-step protocols as a blueprint for a terrestrial conservation genetics field training program that uses low-cost, portable devices to conduct genomics-based training directly in biodiverse habitat countries... Want to read more? Find the full article in the PLOS Biology Blog.

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