Potential New Therapies for Telomere Diseases Identified

April 29, 2020 | Biotechnology

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For your weekly Biotech news, Lab.Equipment has curated this article from Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN) for you:

Scientists at the Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center have published a study “Small-Molecule PAPD5 Inhibitors Restore Telomerase Activity in Patient Stem Cells” in Cell Stem Cell that may offer a breakthrough in treating dyskeratosis congenita (DC) and other so-called telomere diseases, in which cells age prematurely. Using cells donated by patients with the disease, the researchers identified several small molecules that appear to reverse this cellular aging process.

Patient Stem Cell graphical abstract
Source: Cell Stem Cell

Suneet Agarwal, MD, PhD, the study’s senior investigator, hopes at least one of these compounds will advance toward clinical trials. If so, it could be the first treatment for DC that could... More of this in the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News (GEN) Blog.

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