Table Top Labstar 40 Autoclave from Zirbus

Ethernet No
Chamber Volume (L) 43
Chamber Length (mm) 420
Chamber Width (mm) 320
Chamber Height (mm) 320
RS-232 No

Because of the extensive inventory of accessible autoclaves in the market, finding for the most fit unit to decontaminate pharmaceutical items, clinical supplies and equipment, liquid and solid samples, and a variety of lab instruments can be tedious. Lab.Equipment is here to help you in getting the best one for your facility, helping you save not only your budget but also your precious time. Lab Equipment's Zirbus Table Top Labstar 40 autoclave can make way for efficient sterilization and cleaning for your laboratory application. If you think it does not, you can look into the best one to obtain your expected throughput based off our FAQ, review and comparison of the Labstar 40 to other autoclaves available so keep on reading.

Unlike any other distributor around, Lab.Equipment would not just present you a product portfolio stuffed with repeating buzzwords and terms that a lot of manufacturers give to puzzle us determined lab staffs more. Presenting 60 autoclaves from all 8 leading manufacturers including Zirbus, depend on us to have good insights on these laboratory equipment. We can help you acquire the best autoclave for your specific application with factual and meticulously written product descriptions, whether it is with this Zirbus Table Top Labstar40 or not.

Compared to other autoclaves available, how much volume can the chamber of the Labstar 40 autoclave accommodate?

Ideal for advanced decontamination operations in your lab, the Labstar 40 autoclave is designed with a 43L sterilization chamber volume.

What is the heating power capability of the table top Labstar 40 contrary to other autoclaves in the market?

The Labstar 40 supplies a 3kw heating power and provides cost-effective, safe, and economical sterilization.

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Here are some of the key features of the Zirbus Table Top Labstar 40 Autoclave:


The Labstar 40 is an automatic autoclave. Its advantages include automatically stopping once set parameters have been met, reliable failure detection, time efficiency, and ease of use. However, it might be more costly to acquire compared to semi-automatic and non-automatic autoclaves.


Labstar 40 functions with a built-in printer for easy recording, auditing, and documentation of your decontamination and sterilization cycles.


The versatile Labstar 40 from Zirbus doesn't offer a touchscreen controller.


Unfortunately, the Labstar 40 does not come with a built-in ethernet port and cannot be connected to the internet . However, it offers an RS232 interface for accessible remote maintenance and software updates.

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The laboratory tabletop autoclaves distinguish particularly through their big capacity compared with their compact overall size.

At the construction of these autoclaves we took into consideration that they fit on a laboratory table.

Model LTA 2x3x4 and 3x3x6 have a special feature. They have a squared sterilization chamber according to BoTec-principle. Table top autoclave sterilizers at the highest stage of development.

The whole chamber height can be used on the complete shelf width. The result: with a low chamber volume was reached a big loading capacity in comparison to the conventional round chamber.

The comfortable cover lock with inflatable low- maintenance door seal according to DIN and TRB 402 and a fully automatically microprocessor control contributes to easy operation.

Already the standard version is suitable for the operation in a laboratory.

They are equipped with warm holding program for liquids and timer for programming start time point for example. All models have a long-life flexible temperature sensor for the sterilization time trigger.

* A large variety of accessories for example quick recooling, printer, makes it possible to fit the autoclave for every application.

For over 25 years, Zirbus has retained a coveted position in the global market. Backed by years of expertise, Zirbus is a trusted provider of autoclaves, sterilizers and freeze-drying installations distributed across the world. Supported by their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Zirbus is capable of providing unique and world-class quality instruments and installations intended for medicine, biotechnology, food production, and pharmaceutical industries. Featuring German-quality construction, Zirbus products are guaranteed to exclusively use superior components and the latest engineering techniques to comply with international manufacturing standards.

Zirbus' product line available on Lab.Equipment include:

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Automation: Automatic
Ethernet: No
Heating Power (kw): 3
Printer: Yes
Touchscreen: No
[Lab Autoclave] Chamber Height (mm): 320
[Lab Autoclave] Chamber Length (mm): 420
[Lab Autoclave] Chamber Volume (L): 43
[Lab Autoclave] Chamber Width (mm): 320
[Lab Autoclave] RS-232: No

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