PS 6100.X2 Precision Balance from Radwag

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Readability (mg) 10
Capacity (g) 6100
Stabilization Time (sec) 1.5
Repeatability (mg) 10
Pan Size (mm) 195
Internal Calibration Yes
RS-232 Yes
Bluetooth No
PS2 No
WiFi Yes
Ethernet Yes
Display Touch

High Accuracy Sample Weighing Coming from Superior Sensitivity

Gain excellent value for your budget without compromising weighing performance with the PS 6100.X2 Precision Balance from Radwag. Built with a 10 mg readability, the Radwag PS 6100.X2 leads to accurate sample weighing measurements even if working on industrial, manufacturing, or laboratory applications. Rolling out close and reliable weighing results, this balance warrants uncomplicated weighing suited for manufacturing procedures, routinary lab tasks, quality control measures, and more. Looking for other lab scale alternatives with a similar 10 mg resolution? Go for the PS 4500.X2.M Precision Balance from Radwag. But, for higher readability needs, you may want to check the PS 1000.X2 Precision Balance from Radwag instead.

Highly Precise Results for Credible Sample Weighing

Get valid results, maintain replicable measurement values throughout your weighing process, and allot more time for data analysis than re-recording data with the Radwag PS 6100.X2 balance. This Radwag PS model produces high precision sample weighing for day-to-day applications thanks to its 10 mg repeatability.For an alternative with a higher repeatability, your choices include the PS 10100.3Y Precision Balance from Radwag from the same brand and series.

All-Around Weighing for Lab, Field, and More

Whether doing activities inside a laboratory or out in the field, the Radwag PS 6100.X2 achieves weighing precision and accuracy all the time through its internal calibration feature, adjusting in case it's relocated from one area to another. Assembled with a 195 mm weighing pan, this weighing scale can have room for up to 6100 g of samples at maximum so be sure your sample load will not be over this. A good option for a higher capacity unit would be the PS 8100.R2 Precision Balance from Radwag.Need another model but with just the same capacity as this unit? You can choose from the PS 6100.3Y Precision Balance from Radwag instead.

Fundamental Features to Take Into Account

Internal Calibration icon Internal Calibration

The Radwag PS 6100.X2 acknowledges the importance of precision. Having an internal calibration feat, this unit warrants versatile weighing performance even taking into consideration changes in moevment, stability, time, and temperature -- adjusting as required.

ISO compliant icon ISO Compliant

A more cost-effective workflow is right at your hands with this scale that follows a high quality risk-based management system and issues ISO-compliant reports.

GLP Compliant icon GLP Compliant

Your lab data credibility is strengthened with this Radwag balance model since it produces reports compliant to GLP. Formatted to include not just time, date, and balance ID but also other relevant data to review activities, this model is for traceability measures, non-clinical data submissions, as well as record keeping and quality purposes.

Touchscreen icon Touchscreen Display

Showcasing a user-friendly and intuitive touchscreen display, the Radwag PS 6100.X2 not just clearly shows measurement weighing values but also allows you to smoothly maneuver functions and adjust parameters in just a few clicks and taps.

Multi-Device Connectivity and Communication Solutions

Reviewing available connectivity options before buying a scale is a fundamental thing to do. These solutions can accelerate data collection and data conversion into graphs, charts, or other formats, saving more time spent on minimizing human-related errors and in turn stepping up your research process. Through the Radwag PS 6100.X2, you can communicate with personal computers and any device that works with a wired connection through its ethernet port. Connecting to the world wide web is also not a problem because this model has wifi capabilities.

Operational Efficiency Defined

Read weighing results fast from the PS 6100.X2 Precision Balance from Radwag that steadies and returns values within 1.5 seconds. Complete with USB and RS-232 ports, this Radwag unit can carry over assimilated data and results to peripheral devices. Moreover, no need to spend time in changing format of reports because this Radwag balance assures observance to ISO and GLP regulations so users can re-allocate time to other higher priority activities.

The PS.X2 series represents a new advanced level for precision balances.

The X2 series balances feature the latest generation capacitive display providing the maximum comfort of use, available right at your fingertips. Ease of operation, clear menu and practical arrangement of the display guarantee the best ergonomics for your everyday tasks. A wide array of available interfaces facilitate selection of the most optimal means for communication. The X2 series balances offer unlimited possibilities for cooperation with external devices, providing printing, copying, archiving and data transfer.

Built-in IR sensors allow numerous operations (e.g. tarring, transmitting the result to a printer or selecting successive steps of a particular process, etc.) to be performed handsfree, by simply moving a hand across the sensor. The housing is made of plastic, and the pan is made of stainless steel.

The new PS.X2 high capacity balances (6100, 8100 and 10100) feature centrally fixed weighing pan and additional sealing ring. This solution improves air-tightness and simplifies cleaning. To advance accuracy, the new balances have been equipped with metal anti-draft shield. Additional assets are both expanded capacity (even up to 10.1 kg) and smaller dispersion of weighings – better repeatability.

Databases in X2 series balances

In new PS.X2 series balances the information system is based on 7 databases which allow several users to work with database storing several products. The registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis.

The data is registered in 7 databases:

  • Users (up to 100 users),

  • Products (up to 5 000 products),

  • Weighments (up to 50 000 weighments),

  • Packaging (up to 100 packaging types),

  • Formulas (up to 100 formulas),

  • Clients (up to 100 clients),

  • ALIBI memory (up to 500 000 weighments).

The X2 series features option of making reports of 2 different categories:

  • Reports on formulas (up to 200 reports),

  • Reports on density determination (up to 500 reports).

ALIBI Memory

The X2 series balances feature ALIBI memory that is a warranty for safety and automatic recording of your measurements. Options such as data preview, copying and archiving are available to users as well. The ALIBI memory allows to record up to 500 000 weighment records.

Personalization taken to the next level

The X2 is the only balance available on the market that provides a user with the option to design display using wide selection of widgets. Customised display of X2 series offers direct access to the results of your work and other important information directly from the home screen.

Weighing Data Management

USB interface facilitates quick transfer and copying of any results of your work (measurements, reports, databases) to other balances. Network management of the weighing data increases effectivity, productivity and safety of the important data to the maximum.

From its humble beginnings in Poland, Radwag has turned into one of the most trusted manufacturers of laboratory balances and scales in the world. Combining professional expertise and powerful technology, Radwag produces quality weighing instruments including laboratory balances, industrial scales, pipettes, check weighers, and weighing modules to name a few. Preferred by industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, industrial, and various laboratories, Radwag instruments come with a 24-month warranty, comply to ISO 9001:2018 standards, and are TUV, CMI, CPA approved. In a span of almost 40 years, Radwag has established itself as a leading manufacturer of advanced weighing instruments, expanding its operations across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

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Ethernet: Yes
Mobile App: No
[Lab Balance] Bluetooth: No
[Lab Balance] Capacity (g): 6100
[Lab Balance] Display: Touch
[Lab Balance] GCP: No
[Lab Balance] GLP: Yes
[Lab Balance] GMP: No
[Lab Balance] ISO: Yes
[Lab Balance] Internal Calibration: Yes
[Lab Balance] PS2: No
[Lab Balance] Pan Size (mm): 195
[Lab Balance] RS-232: Yes
[Lab Balance] Readability (mg): 10
[Lab Balance] Repeatability (mg): 10
[Lab Balance] Stabilization Time (sec): 1.5
[Lab Balance] USB: Yes
[Lab Balance] WiFi: Yes
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