PTR-25 360 Vertical Mini Rotator from Grant Instruments

Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Speed Type Variable Speed
Mixing Movement Orbital
Min Speed (RPM) 5
Max Speed (RPM) 30
Max Load Capacity (lbs) 1.1
Min Temp Range (°C) 4
Max Temp Range (°C) 40
Timer Yes
Brushless DC motor No
Display LED
CE approved No
CSA approved No

Multi-Purpose Mixing for Outstanding Results

Whether preparing and testing samples for experiments, producing homogenous mixtures, or improving assay results, securing seamless mixing output is pivotal to any university, scientific or medical institution, or lab. Having the suitable laboratory mixer to meet your application prerequisites is highly important. Doing so involves answering questions including what sample types do you regularly examine, how much of these do you handle, and what specific applications are you doing now and will be doing in the future? If you mix, emulsify, homogenize, or dissolve samples not over 1.1 lbs, then the PTR-25 360 Vertical Mini Rotator from Grant Instruments is the perfect choice to go for. Not enough capacity for you? The PTR 60 360 Vertical Multi-Function Rotator from Grant Instruments is another option you can consider.

Magnify Laboratory Performance with Rugged Lab Mixers

Experience accurate mixing and full speed control with variable speed mixers like the PTR-25 360 Vertical Mini Rotator from Grant Instruments. Adjust from gentle to vigorous mixing as needed for QA analysis, production process, research and development, cell culture, microbiology, and routine mixing purposes with the Grant Instruments PTR-25 tube rotator that runs samples with speed ranging from 5 RPM-30 RPM. Still skeptical if this is the mixer for you? You might want to look at the VXHDDG Vortex Mixer from Ohaus offering a higher maximum RPM and capacity than this one.

Simplified and Top Level Mixing for Every Application

If you put more focus on smooth, gradual but efficient mixing of sample bottles or tubes by turning containers end over end, then the right lab mixing equipment you should procure are tube rotators. These mixers can cater a variety of biosamples placed on vessels in different sizes including beakers, conical tubes, centrifuge tubes, and more. A model with a digital control, the PTR-25 360 Vertical Mini Rotator from Grant Instruments with a temperature range of 4°C - 40°C makes way for reliable mixing for applications like dna purification, protein binding, hybridization and aerating cultures

Fully-featured for Best Mixing

Mixer Display Display

Closely follow lab mixer operational details with the Grant Instruments PTR-25 constructed with a straightforward LED screen

Mixing Movement Mixing Movement

Trust this Grant Instruments tube rotator to thoroughly blend fluids and samples with an orbital mixing motion.

Mixer Control Mixer Control

Reduce user-errors when adjusting laboratory mixer settings by use of the Grant Instruments PTR-25's digital control.

Mixer Speed Type Mixer Speed Type

Jump from one speed to another with this variable speed mixer capable of adjusting from 5 RPM to 30 RPM.

Timer Timer

Built with a timer, this tube rotator lets users to set time limits.

    Compact, economy solution with simple to use controls, providing thorough mixing of samples in tubes up to 50 ml. Suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators.

    • 360° vertical rotation
    • Vertical rotation speed range: 5 to 30 rpm
    • Timer with audible alarm and automatic switch-off
    • Very easy to operate with simple controls and easy to view LED screen
    • Reliable and extremely quiet motor produces regulated rotation throughout the speed range
    • Compact with a low profile and small footprint – fits neatly into the workspace
    • Platform accommodating 22 tubes (up to 15mm diameter) is included as standard. See Accessories page for additional accessories.

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    Brushless DC motor: No
    CE approved: No
    CSA approved: No
    Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
    Timer: Yes
    [Lab Mixer] Display: LED
    [Lab Mixer] Max Load Capacity (lbs): 1.1
    [Lab Mixer] Max Speed (RPM): 30
    [Lab Mixer] Max Temp Range (°C): 40
    [Lab Mixer] Min Speed (RPM): 5
    [Lab Mixer] Min Temp Range (°C): 4
    [Lab Mixer] Mixing Movement: Orbital
    [Lab Mixer] Power (w): 1.3
    [Lab Mixer] Speed Type: Variable Speed

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