Radwag PUE Balances

PUE Series ranges from 16,000g to 1,100,000g weighing capacity and a readability from 100mg to 10,000mg.

Lab.Equipment presents an advanced selection of Radwag’s PUE high resolution scales designed to facilitate network operations with proximity sensors, enabling touch-free manipulation. Offered in standard and terminal versions, PUE scales are available in models featuring a plastic housing with an IP43 protection rating or with an IP67 stainless steel housing guaranteed to be water-proof and dust-proof. Manufactured with multiple safety features, Radwag’s PUE laboratory scales safeguard against overloading and mechanical shocks to ensure reliability and user safety during operations.

The PUE series scales from Radwag enable full configuration of proximity sensors through the control menu. Featuring a 5.7’’ colour TFT touchscreen, these laboratory scales deliver flawless readability and a membrane keypad. Its terminal software accommodates a wide range of applications with numerous working modes including counting, dosing, formulations, transactions or determination of the density of solids. Equipped with an RS232, USB-A and Ethernet interfaces with 4 digital inputs and outputs, Radwag PUE scales effortlessly connect the terminal to peripheral devices and wireless networks for convenient data transfer and collection. The scale’s terminal also utilizes a dual-core processor and 256 MB RAM to ensure maximum efficiency during operations.

Shop a range of Radwag PUE high resolution scales from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect lab scale for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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