Radwag WTC Balances

WTC Series ranges from 200g to 600g weighing capacity and a readability from 1mg to 100mg.

Lab.Equipment showcases a full selection of Radwag’s WTC precision balances developed for quick and accurate weight determination for laboratories and industrial applications. Presented with a straightforward design, WTC precision balances are simple to use and easy to program with your desired parameters, making them suitable even for inexperienced operators. Intended to have a small footprint, Radwag’s WTC precision balances are portable and compact, ideal for benchtop placement and in other limited spaces inside the laboratory.

Radwag’s WTC precision balances feature a clear and highly visible backlit LCD display for optimal presentation of weighing results under different lighting conditions. Equipped with an internal battery, these precision balances enable continuous operations for several hours even without power supply connection. Capable of performing highly accurate weight determinations as well as a variety of related functions, Radwag’s WTC precision balances operates in several modes including parts counting, percent weighing, animal weighing, and totalizing. These precision balances can also effortlessly connect with peripheral devices such as printers, computers, and USB flash drives thanks to its RS232, USB type A and B communication interfaces.

Shop a range of Radwag WTC precision balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect precision balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

WTC 600 Precision Balance from Radwag
334.00 267.12 267.12 USD
WTC 2000 Precision Balance from Radwag
378.00 302.40 302.4 USD
( 2 Ratings)
WTC 200 Precision Balance from Radwag
399.00 319.20 319.2 USD
WTC 3000 Precision Balance from Radwag
416.00 332.64 332.64 USD
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