Radwag XA Balances

XA Series ranges from 52g to 310g weighing capacity and a readability from 0.01mg to 0.1mg.

Lab.Equipment showcases Radwag's XA 4Y Series of analytical balances proven to ensure speed and readability for formulations gathered from balance databases. Engineered to support both standardized and customizable print formats, XA 4Y balances offer process designing and documenting capabilities in compliance with GLP/GMP method protocols.

Radwag XA 4Y analytical balances may differ in specifications and compatible accessories, but each unit shares various features like ALIBI memory that is capable of 100% protection and automatic documentation of data measurements, as well as functions including auto-test, IR sensors, GLP procedures, air density correction, and statistical quality control or SQC.

Another distinct attribute of XA 4Y Series balances are the automic side glass doors with infrared proximity sensors on the terminal and the pipette calibration mode with a specialized adapter intended for facilitating an ergonomic tool for calibrating and inspecting piston pipettes through gravimetric measuring techniques. Improve convenience and efficiency throughout your weighing process with Radwag's XA 47 Series.

Shop a range of Radwag XA lab balances from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect analytical balance for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

XA 220.4Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
5,824.00 4,659.20 4659.2 USD
( 1 Ratings)
XA 110.4Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
5,996.00 4,796.80 4796.8 USD
XA 310.4Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
6,834.00 5,467.20 5467.2 USD
XA 82/220.4Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
6,942.00 5,553.60 5553.6 USD
XA 120/250.4Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
8,158.00 6,526.40 6526.4 USD
XA 6.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag
8,744.00 6,995.20 6995.2 USD
XA 210.4Y Analytical Balance from Radwag
8,784.00 7,027.20 7027.2 USD
XA 52.4Y.F Analytical Balance from Radwag
9,089.00 7,271.20 7271.2 USD
XA 82/220.4Y.A Analytical Balance from Radwag
9,101.00 7,280.80 7280.8 USD
XA 110.4Y.A Analytical Balance from Radwag
9,101.00 7,280.80 7280.8 USD
XA 6/21.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag
9,724.00 7,779.20 7779.2 USD
XA 6.4Y.M.A Microbalance from Radwag
10,437.00 8,349.60 8349.6 USD
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