SAL / H – Anti-Vibration Table In Stainless Steel Technology from Radwag

Radwag WX-001-0077

SAL/H anti-vibration table for laboratory balances has been designed to satisfy the user with the greatest possible measurement stability. The table provides comfort for balance operation and elimination of both, ground vibrations and vibrations being a result of user’s activity while operating balance.

The design, consisting of two elements prevents pressure being applied to the top, from being transferred to a balance base. The table is characterized by stable, steel frame, equipped with adjustable leveling feet and massive granite top for balance. For SAL/H version the feet, the construction and the top are made of stainless acid proof steel.

It is possible to order SAL/H table of customized dimensions matching the customer’s needs.

Dimensions of a table SAL/H: 770 mm (length) x 650 mm (width) x 815 mm (height)

Dimensions of a granite top: 270 mm (length) x 410 mm (width) x 115 mm (height)

Compatible With

  • MYA 4Y Microbalances
  • AS 3Y Analytical Balances
  • AS R2 Analytical Balances
  • AS X2 Analytical Balances
  • XA 4Y.F Analytical Balances
  • PS 3Y Presicion Balances
  • UYA 4Y.F Ultra Microbalances
  • APM 4Y Presicion Balances
  • APM C32 Presicion Balances
  • XA 4Y Analytical Balances
  • XA 4Y.A Analytical Balances

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