Sartorius eLINE Pipettes

eLINE Series is available in 0.1μl to 5000μl liquid handling capacities. All models are fully electronic, utilizing an electronic piston control to ensure accurate and precise pipetting.

Lab Equipment showcases award-winning electronic pipettes from the Sartorius eLINE series. Engineered with a DC-motor, the Sartorius eLINE series guarantees pipetting accuracy and precision for a wide variety of liquid handling tasks including regular pipetting, diluting, mixing, repetitive dispensing, and more. Compared to mechanical pipettes, the Sartorius eLINE series of electronic pipettes provide a selection of pipetting modes for easier dispensing of liquid samples.

The Sartorius eLINE series is ideal for cell culture, protein analysis, ELISA, PCR, DNA/RNA techniques, and other liquid handling applications. With a fully electronic operation, user-errors are minimized and risks of repetitive strain injuries are reduced. Built to offer exceptional convenience, speed, and reliable results, the Sartorius eLINE series delivers features ranging from speed setting, electronic tip ejection for easy removal of tips, operating buttons within reach for hassle free one hand operation, finger hook for grip support, to electronic brake and piston control, Optiload feature for secured tip sealing, and Safe Cone Filters best for avoiding sample contamination. For faster liquid handling, the Sartorius eLINE series presents versatile pipetting modes such as pipetting, reverse pipetting, pipetting with cycle counter, multiple dispensing, sequential dispensing, and more.

Shop a range of Sartorius eLINE electronic pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the electronic pipette for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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