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Sartorius pipettes are favored around the globe for its pipetting performance, proven accuracy, and dependable precision. Engineered with the latest technology and built with convenient functionalities, these Sartorius lab pipettes ensure the most reliable liquid handling results for a range of applications including PCR, DNA/RNA techniques, Elisa, protein analysis, cell culture, and more. These pipettes are lightweight, durable, easy-to-operate and maintain as well as compliant to ISO 8655 international standards, making them ideal for research centers, universities, industrial facilities, scientific and medical laboratories.

Lab.Equipment brings in line an array of electronic and manual Sartorius pipettes from the Picus, Picus Nxt, eLine, mLine, Proline, and Proline Plus series. We deliver single-channel and multi-channel Sartorius lab pipettes capable of dispensing variable volumes and are suitable for biotech, biochemistry, and molecular biology applications to name a few. Single-channel units cater volume capacity ranging from 0.1 to 10,000 ul while multi-channel units come with capacity ranging from 0.2 to 1,200 ul. Find fully autoclavable, chemical- and UV-resistant models ergonomically designed for easy left & right handed use and minimized risks of repetitive strain injuries.

Get the most appropriate Sartorius lab pipette for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

Sartorius Proline Plus Pipettes

Proline Plus Series of autoclavable air displacement pipettes caters single, 8-channel, and 12-channel models ranging from 0.1μl to 10,000μl liquid handling capacity. All models are convenient to clean with no opening tools required and only three parts to disassemble.

Sartorius Picus Pipettes

Picus Series comprises of models that accommodate 0.2μl to 1000μl volumes. These electronic pipettes are the most lightweight and smallest pipette that utilizes a modern brake and piston control system.

Sartorius eLINE Pipettes

eLINE Series is available in 0.1μl to 5000μl liquid handling capacities. All models are fully electronic, utilizing an electronic piston control to ensure accurate and precise pipetting.

Sartorius mLINE Pipettes

mLINE Series comprises of single and multi-channel models with volume capacities of 0.5μl up to 5000μl. These mechanical pipettes are offered in combo-packs with a diverse selection of packages and purity options to perfectly suit user requirements.

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