Save Up to 60% on Balances, 54% on Moisture Analyzers, and 26% on Mass Comparators

September 03, 2018 | Promotions

Lab.Equipment presents the biggest discounts for featured Radwag instruments! Save up to 60% discount on analytical, precision, and micro balances, 54% on moisture analyzers, and 26% on mass comparators with no checkout conditions required. All purchases come with free shipping so don’t miss out on this incomparable offer yet from Lab.Equipment. Promo valid until December 31, 2018 or while supplies last.

Radwag Weigh Better Deal

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Mechanics

  1. Select from any of the discounted Radwag laboratory balances, mass comparators, and moisture analyzers here.

  2. Continue to checkout and purchase your Radwag products.

  3. Your order of discounted Radwag lab equipment will be delivered to your shipping address for free.

Promo Offer: Discounted Radwag Lab Balances, Mass Comparators, and Moisture Analyzers

Radwag Lab Balances

Radwag lab balances are engineered for basic and advanced measurement weighing applications in medical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, cosmetics, and scientific industries. Designed with powerful processor, durable weighing chamber, and data storing system, these Radwag lab balances provide different weighing capabilities like check weighing, parts counting, formulations, percent weighing, and animal weighing. Radwag balances from Lab.Equipment are trusted in the market to deliver accurate and precise measurement results.

Radwag Mass Comparators

Lab.Equipment offers a standard and professional lines of automatic and manual mass comparators from Radwag. Designed with the highest standards of engineering, all mass comparators ensure reliable solutions for measurement traceability. Execute efficient management of calibration process, excellent measurement results, and thorough tracking of data with Radwag Multiple Comparator Software or RMCS.

Radwag Moisture Analyzers

Constructed with high-technology weighing module and drying chamber, Radwag moisture analyzers maintain a specific temperature during the whole of its drying process and provide accurate sample results in moisture content analysis and dry mass measurement applications. Equipped with advanced features like drying temperature control, and database management, these moisture analyzers can accommodate different types of samples and liquids for a wide range of applications perfect for food, agricultural, chemical, fruit and vegetable, and many other industries.

Don't waste your time and effort on searching for a better deal! Guarantee low prices in the market with Lab.Equipment’s Weigh Better Deals valid until the end of 2018, or until stocks run out. Inclusive of free shipping.

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About This Month's Featured Manufacturer

Radwag is a leading brand known for high quality laboratory balances and industrial scales used in different industries such as chemical, industrial, and pharmaceutical. From its early days in 1984 in Poland, Radwag established its name as a trusted manufacturer of weighing instruments and expanded its operations in different countries around the world. View all available Radwag laboratory products that passed ISO 9001:2018, TUV, CMI, and CPA standards here.

Check out below the list of participating Radwag products in Weigh Better Deals promo:

Ads on Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn

Radwag Weigh Better promo ads are served to Lab.Equipment’s website visitors and email list. Clicking on the ad directs them to the promo page with the complete mechanics and list of participating Radwag lab balances, moisture analyzers, and mass comparators.

Animated Banner Ads on Google

Radwag Weigh Better Promo GDN

Google Display animated ads for Radwag Weigh Better promo are created in specific banner sizes to effectively fit on various ad placements and devices. Through Google Display Network, Lab.Equipment is capable to deliver the animated promo ads on particular websites viewed by previous Lab.Equipment visitors. The ads will stop serving the user once they make a purchase.

Google Shopping Ads

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads for Radwag Weigh Better promo makes it hassle-free for customers to find the best price for lab balances, moisture analyzers, and mass comparators in the market. By searching for product on the Google Search, lab professionals in the US can easily discover the discounted Radwag units right away.

Gmail Ads

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Gmail Ads

Gmail interactive ads are presented in a more personal way as it appears at the top of the email inbox tab of audiences. If these ads are clicked, it expands like an email showing the entire promo mechanics and list of Radwag balances, moisture analyzers, and mass comparators with buttons linked to the corresponding product pages on Lab.Equipment.

Single Image and Carousel Ads on Facebook

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Facebook Ads

On Facebook, Radwag Weigh Better promo uses single image and carousel ad formats. These are scheduled to appear at a specific time during weekdays. All Facebook ads are optimized to support all devices.

Image Ad on LinkedIn

Radwag Weigh Better Promo LinkedIn

A promotional image post is sponsored on LinkedIn to reach people who are actively using the platform and are included in Lab.Equipment’s data of website visitors and email list. Targeted audience will be reminded of the promo shown on their LinkedIn feed. Clicking on it will direct them to the promo page on Lab.Equipment

Promotional Email

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Email Design

The promo email sent to the entire list of Lab.Equipment contains the promo details, maximum discount offer for each product category, and buttons linking to the promo landing page. Each email is crafted and tested to display perfectly on all mobile devices and various email platforms.

On-Page Merchandising Creatives

All website visitors can access the promo page with the help of on-page merchandising creatives designedly positioned on the most convenient areas of the website. For Radwag Weigh Better promo, the on-page merchandising creatives comprise of the following:

Promo Hero Image on the Homepage

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Hero Image

A hero image on the slider of the homepage to give visitors a direct information about the promo from the moment they open Lab.Equipment.

Mega Menu Promo Banner
Radwag Weigh Better Promo Mega Menu

A banner placed at the bottom of each main menu relevant to the participating products. In the case of Radwag Weigh Better promo, these are inside the Lab Balance, Applications, and Brands menu.

Sidebar Promo Banner on Product Category Pages

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Siderbar Banner

A promo banner on the sidebar of Analytical Balance, Microbalance, and Precision Scale category pages direct potential buyers to the promo page to know all the details about the offer. Sidebar banners are also displayed on related pages like the Radwag brand page.

Product Page Promo Banner

Radwag Weigh Better Promo Product Page Banner

A full-width promo banner is placed on top of every product page of Radwag balances, moisture analyzers, and mass comparators to call the attention of visitors about the discount offers for the product they are viewing. Users who are on the web pages related to the participating products will also see the banner.

Discount Badge

Radwag Weigh Better Promotional Badge

A promotional badge is included on the image of the participating products. Visitors can easily see how much discount is offered on each Radwag unit.

Radwag Products as Power Choice

Radwag Weigh Better Promotional Badge

The Power Choice suggests a laboratory balance from Radwag to customers viewing a similar equipment from another brand on the website on the website. Lab.Equipment ensures that every Power Choice assigned to the product page is directly related in terms of specifications such as readability and functionality. This increases the exposure of Radwag balances on more pages of the website.

Radwag Weigh Better Promotional Badge

Additionally, customers can easily compare the product being viewed and the Power Choice balance from Radwag through the Compare Recommendation button which triggers a pop-up window containing the significant product attributes of both products.

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