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Scilogex mixers are designed with unparalleled precision and accuracy in mind. Space-saving, robust, and powerful, these lab mixers makes way for repeatability when it comes to doing homogenization, emulsification, and disintegration of various sample types. Complete with helpful features and functionalities, Scilogex lab mixers guarantee efficiency and improved productivity in the lab, saving everyone’s time while ensuring consistent and reproducible results.

Lab.Equipment brings in line an advanced selection of Scilogex laboratory mixers including thermal mixers, tube roller mixers, microplate mixers, 3D gyratory rockers, and see-saw rockers. Built for general-purpose mixing as well as handling small and large volume samples in a range of sample viscosities, these Scilogex lab mixers are perfect for everyday mixing applications in scientific, clinical, and research facilities. Pick out the best for your applications with our inventory of Scilogex lab mixers that offer orbital, linear, rocking, rolling, gyratory, and see-saw rocking movements. Whether in need of Scilogex lab mixers the can provide variable or fixed speeds, maximum load capacities up to 22 lbs, mixing speeds of up to 2500RPM, or Scilogex mixer models that can work on temperature sensitive samples, you can always trust Lab.Equipment to lead you to the best unit for your lab processes.

Find the most suitable Scilogex lab mixer for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

MX-S Vortex Mixer from Scilogex
222.00 177.60 177.6 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MX-M Microplate Mixer from Scilogex
375.00 300.00 300.0 USD
MX-T6-S Analog Tube Roller from Scilogex
415.00 332.00 332.0 USD
MX-RD-E Analog Tube Rotator from Scilogex
600.00 480.00 480.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MX-T6-Pro LCD Digital Tube Roller from Scilogex
830.00 664.00 664.0 USD
( 1 Ratings)
MX-F Vortex Mixer from Scilogex
170.00 136.00 136.0 USD
SCI-3DS Digital 3D Rocker from Scilogex
620.00 496.00 496.0 USD
SCI-FS Vortex Mixer from Scilogex
170.00 136.00 136.0 USD
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