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Scilogex shakers deliver accuracy, precision, and repeatability needed in various mixing applications -- whether for sample preparation, testing, and analysis, homogenization of samples to cell culture, gel staining, blotting, and more. Compact, powerful, and capable of handling small volume to large volume samples, Scilogex lab shakers guarantee performance ideal to meet mixing demands of clinical laboratories, life sciences laboratories, as well as research development facilities.

Lab.Equipment showcases a range of Scilogex lab shakers including orbital shakers and linear shakers built to offer reliable shaking power for a wide variety of chemical and biological applications. Scilogex laboratory shakers also provide versatility with multiple platform options for handling an array of sample vessels including culture flasks, erlenmeyer flasks, petri dishes, and more. Small in size but big in features, these lab shakers can accommodate load capacities ranging from 5.5 up to 16.5 lbs., deliver shaking speeds ranging from 10RPM to 500RPM, and operate with a temperature range of 5°C to 40°C. Furthermore, Scilogex units also come with digital and analog controls, timer options for when you are doing time sensitive tasks or tasks that require continuous mixing, LED or LCD displays for excellent data readout, and are UL approved.

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