Shake Up Your Lab with a Free Electronic Pipettor!

June 18, 2018 | Promotions

Lab.Equipment gives away a free A&D single channel electronic pipettor plus free shipping for every $1000 purchase of any Scilogex shaker, mixer, or stirrer including accessories. This special treat is exclusive to our first 50 customers, to go with the launch of Lab.Equipment’s website.

Shake Up Your Lab Promo

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Mechanics

  1. Order any combination of Scilogex shaker, mixer, or stirrer including accessories worth at least $1,000.

  2. Use the promo code “JUNE18” upon checkout to receive your free electronic pipette. For customers who have seen our promo video, enter the promo code “YOUTUBEJUNE18” instead.

  3. Your purchase of Scilogex lab equipment and/or accessories with free A&D Weighing MPA Series electronic pipettor will be delivered to your shipping address at no additional cost.


Promo Offer: A&D Weighing MPA Series Electronic Pipettor

A&D Weighing’s MPA Series of single channel electronic pipettors are built with modern, lightweight, and ergonomic design. These easy-to-use and low-maintenance electronic pipettors provide injury-free performance even after a long period of liquid handling application. All models feature different pipetting modes engineered to decrease processing time and reduce possible errors during operation. Achieve full-scale pipetting control and precise repeatability using MPA electronic pipettors.

These MPA single-channel electronic pipettors are worth $500 but you can get them for free when you purchase any selected Scilogex shaker, mixer, or stirrer including accessories for a minimum purchase of $1,000.

Interested to avail our promo? Start browsing for the perfect shaker, mixer, or stirrer to agitate your samples and save $500 with a free electronic pipettor plus free shipping. Hurry before it’s too late! Limited to first 50 customers only.

Get Shaking with this Deal!

About This Month's Featured Manufacturer

Scilogex has been providing quality and excellence throughout the years with its extensive range of bench top equipment and liquid handling solutions including pipettes, centrifuges, shakers, stirrers, and mixers. All Scilogex liquid handling and laboratory products come with warranty, are manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility, and are certified with cTUVus for UL and CSA. Browse all available Scilogex laboratory products on Lab.Equipment here.

Check out below the list of participating products in Shake Up Your Lab promo:

Ads on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

The promo ads across different networks target Lab.Equipment’s website visitors and email list located in USA. This highly targeted audience allows Lab.Equipment to deliver the promo ads to all those who already showed interest in the website and products. Clicking on the ad instantly takes the user to the promo page that contains the mechanics and list of Scilogex balances, mixers, and stirrers.

Image and Video Ads on Facebook

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Facebook Ads

On Facebook, Shake Up Your Lab promo uses single image, single video, carousel and collection ad formats with the promo code displayed prominently at the bottom of each ad. These are scheduled to appear at a specific time during weekdays. All Facebook ads are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile views to cater different devices.

Animated Banner Ads on Google

Shake Up Your Lab Promo GDN

Google Display animated ads for Shake Up Your Lab are created in different banner sizes to display perfectly on various placements and all devices. Through Google Display Network, Lab.Equipment is able to show the promo banner ads on other websites that previous Lab.Equipment visitors are browsing, reminding them about the promo until they make a purchase.

Gmail Ads

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Gmail Ads

Gmail interactive ads look more personal as it is seen at the top of the inbox tabs of audiences’ email account. Once clicked, these ads expand just like an email showcasing the promo and Scilogex balances, mixers, and stirrers with buttons going to its respective pages on Lab.Equipment.

Google Shopping Ads

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads for Shake Up Your Lab promo help lab professionals in the USA discover the discounted Scilogex mixers, shakers, and stirrers on the Shopping section of Google Search.

YouTube Ad

Shake Up Your Lab Promo YouTube Ads

In Shake Up Your Lab promo’s 30-second video ad with subtitle, John explains the promo mechanics and gives away the promo code “YOUTUBEJUNE18” towards the end to ensure users will watch the entire video and not skip the ad. The in-stream ad plays before the video that the user selected to watch on YouTube as well as on Google Display Network. The video ad comes with a companion banner located above the Up Next Videos section of the YouTube page that opens the promo page when clicked. With the same desired action as the companion banner, a call-to-action overlay is also set up and found on the lower left corner of the video.

Promoted Video on LinkedIn

Shake Up Your Lab Promo LinkedIn

The promo video is also sponsored on LinkedIn to reach Lab.Equipment’s website visitors and email list members who are active on the said professional network. Available on LinkedIn feed across mobile and desktop, the ad will follow Lab.Equipment’s targeted audience to remind them of the promo before it expires, and bring them to the promo page once clicked.

The same promo video used on YouTube and Facebook is sponsored on Twitter as well.

Promotional Email

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Email Design

Email marketing plays a major role in the promotion of Shake Up Your Lab to inform majority of lab professionals in the US about the new offer. Recipients of this email will see the free electronic pipettor and complete promo mechanics with call-to-action buttons linked to the promo landing page. All The Shake Up Your Lab promo email is designed and developed to be web and mobile friendly.

On-Page Merchandising Creatives

New and returning website visitors can easily find and access the promo page with the on-page merchandising creatives strategically designed and placed throughout the website. For Shake Up Your Lab promo, the on-page merchandising creatives consist of the following:

Promo Hero Image on the Homepage

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Hero Image

A hero image on the slider of the homepage which allows users to quickly discover the promo as soon as they land Lab.Equipment.

Mega Menu Promo Banner

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Mega Menu Banner

A banner at the bottom of each mega menu of the categories only related to the participating products. In the case of Shake Up Your Lab promo, these are placed on the Shaker, Mixers & Stirrers category’s menu.

Sidebar Promo Banner on Product Category Pages

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Sidebar Banner

Promo banners on the sidebar of the Lab Shakers, Lab Stirrers, and Lab Mixers category pages aim to inform interested shoppers of these products about the Shake Up Your Lab promo, giving them a chance to save more. Sidebar banners are also implemented on related pages like Scilogex brand page.

Product Page Promo Banner

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Product Page Banner

A promo banner is displayed on top of every product page of Scilogex lab shakers, mixers, stirrers and A&D MPA pipettes to ensure visitors are not missing on the discount and freebie offers for the product they are viewing. Website users at pages related to the participating products will also see the banner linked to the promo page.

Discount Badge

Shake Up Your Lab Promotional Badge

Promotional badges are easily seen on the product images to conveniently inform the customers about the ongoing promo.

Interactive Chat Module

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Pop Up Chatbox

Lastly, a proactive chat box on the promo landing page is available to accommodate customers with their product inquiries or questions.

Scilogex Products as Power Choice

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Pop Up Chatbox

The Power Choice recommends a Scilogex product to customers viewing a similar item from another brand on the website. Lab.Equipment makes sure that every Power Choice assigned to the product page is directly related in terms of specifications such as speed and mixing movement. This increases the exposure of Scilogex stirrers, mixers, and shakers on more pages of the website.

Shake Up Your Lab Promo Pop Up Chatbox

Customers can quickly compare the product being viewed and the Power Choice item from Scilogex through the Compare Recommendation button that triggers a pop-up window containing the significant product attributes of both items.

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