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Rotator Shakers presented on Lab.Equipment are carefully designed to deliver outstanding blending and agitation performance with varying levels of speed and weight capacity. These cutting-edge rotator shakers accommodate a wide range of applications and are ideally used for different laboratory sectors. Efficiently combine laboratory solutions with a homogenous mixture and ensure sample dispersion through Lab.Equipment's expert line of rotator shakers.

To help you choose the perfect rotator shaker for your practise, Lab.Equipment developed a functional and easy-to-use product filter tool. Narrow down your product choices by indicating your perfect rotator shaker's specific characteristics such as platform dimensions, maximum load and flask capacities, electrical frequencies, controls, as well as the availability of an alarm, timer, and a USB connection. Lab.Equipment gives users special procurement power by allowing them to compare several equipments side-by-side for a true apples-to-apples comparison.

Tube Rotator 20rpm from Cole-Parmer
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz) USB Min Temp Range (°C)
Tube Rotator 18rpm from Cole-Parmer
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz) USB Min Temp Range (°C)
Roto-Torque Variable Speed Rotator Shaker from Cole-Parmer
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz) USB Electrical Min Frequency (Hz)
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