Vortex Shaker

Find the perfect vortex shaker to suit your requirements with our easy-to-use vortex shaker finder below.

Lab.Equipment brings in highly functional vortex shakers capable of expertly mixing samples in small liquid containers such as vials. These lab vortex shakers are built for different of work settings. Explore a complete range of powerful vortex mixers with customizable setting parameters for fast yet consistent oscillating motions.

Efficiently browse through Lab.Equipment's selection of lab vortex shakers with our user-friendly product filter tool. Narrow down your options based on criteria including loading capacities, speed and temperature range, flask capacities, and platform dimensions; or product features like remote controls, USB, timer, and alarms. While the price range filter is available to ensure that your getting the best out of your budget.

Lab Dancer Shaker from IKA
190.73 190.73 USD
Vortex 1 Shaker from IKA
265.32 265.32 USD
Vortex 4 Basic Shaker from IKA
313.83 313.83 USD
Vortex 2 Shaker from IKA
321.75 321.75 USD
Reax top Shaker from Heidolph USA
471.34 471.34 USD
Vortex 3 Shaker from IKA
473.12 473.12 USD
MS 3 Basic Shaker from IKA
531.93 531.93 USD
MS 3 Digital Shaker from IKA
556.88 556.88 USD
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