Socorex Acura Manual Pipettes

Acura Manual Series comprises of universal and sharp micropipettes with volume ranging from 0.1ul - 1000ul, multi-channel pipettes with volume ranging from 0.5ul - 350ul, and fixed-volume micro- (1ul-10ul) and macro pipettes (0.2ul - 10ml).

Lab.Equipment presents innovative liquid handling solutions through the Socorex Acura Manual Series of lab pipettes. Combining the latest technology with remarkable ergonomics, the Socorex Acura Manual series is recommended for various research or routine applications.

The Socorex Acura Manual series is engineered with an advance precision setting mechanism that allows flexibility when adjusting up to very fine volume resolution. Lightweight, built with an optimized shape/size and an adjustable tip ejector that can accommodate most tips, plus offering exceptional tightness lip seal for ultra-soft pipetting, the Acura Manual series makes way for reduced instances of hand-fatigue and proves ultimate user-convenience. Hassle-free calibration in just a turn is possible with the swift-set calibration feat. Meet the most demanding liquid sampling and dispensing requirements as the Acura Manual series are CE certified IVD 98/79 EEC and shock- and UV-light resistant. Choose from a range of Socorex Acura Manual micropipette, macropipette, multichannel pippete, and fixed-volume pipette models.

Shop a range of Socorex Acura Manual Series lab pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect lab pipette for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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