Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Pipettes

F1-ClipTip pipettes accommodate volume capacities of 1 µl until 1000 µL. These pipettes are designed to be used with the ClipTip pipette tips and feature a unique interlocking technology to secure attachment with just a light touch.

Lab.Equipment presents a breakthrough in pipetting technology through the ThermoFisher F1-ClipTip series of manual lab pipettes. Engineered to provide steady and reproducible pipetting, the ThermoFisher F1-ClipTip series guarantees accuracy and precision through an innovative clip system that ensures complete sealing on each channel.

The ThermoFisher F1-ClipTip series is composed of single- and multi-channel pipettes accommodating a range of volumes. Offering reliable volume lock adjustment, the ThermoFisher F1-ClipTip series prevents volume inconsistencies during operation. Ergonomically designed to present low tip attachment, tip-ejection, and plunger forces, pipettes under this series deliver not just maximum user-convenience but also ensured safety. Repetitive strain injuries are minimized with a 120° adjustable finger rest for optimum right- and left-handed user comfort. Made with the patented super blow-out2 feature, the ThermoFisher F1-ClipTip series makes way for a 150% increase in boosted air, allowing excellent delivery of small volumes and blocking possible capillary action.

Shop a range of ThermoFisher F1-ClipTip lab pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect lab pipette for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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