Thermo Fisher FinnPipette F1 Pipettes

FinnPipette F1 Series dispenses volume ranging from 0.2 μL to 10 ml. All models come with a secure volume lock feat.

Lab.Equipment presents improved lab productivity and efficiency with the ThermoFisher Finnpipette F1 series of lab pipettes. Made for everyday use and can meet repetitive pipetting tasks, the Thermofisher Finnpipette F1 series provides reliable liquid sampling and dispensing for a variety of applications.

Ergonomically designed to lower risk of repetitive strain injuries, the lightweight ThermoFisher FinnPipette F1 pipettes offer a 120° adjustable finger rest, textured adjustment knob, comfortable right and left-hand operation, plus a low plunger, tip attachment, and minimized ejection forces. Engineered with a silent volume adjustment mechanism, secure volume lock for ensured pipetting accuracy during operation, and are CE marked, the chemical-resistant ThermoFisher FinnPipette F1 lab pipettes are recommended for universities, clinical facilities, scientific laboratories, and more. Meet requirements of liquid handling applications with available modes for pipetting, reverse pipetting, and repetitive pipetting.

Shop a range of ThermoFisher FinnPipette F1 lab pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect laboratory pipettes for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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