Thermo Fisher FinnPipette F2 Pipettes

FinnPipette F2 Series caters volume capacities of 0.2 μL up to 10 mL. F2 pipettes are created with sturdy PVDF, are resistant to strong chemicals and UV light, and are fully autoclavable.

Lab.Equipment delivers efficiency and high-performance pipetting with the ThermoFisher FinnPipette F2 series of lab pipettes. One of the lightest pipettes available in the market, ergonomically designed, and easy-to-operate, the ThermoFisher FinnPipette F2 series is recommended for enhanced productivity not just of scientific laboratories and clinical facilities, but also of research centers and universities.

Improve liquid handling accuracy and precision with the ThermoFisher FinnPipette F2 pipettes engineered with the Advanced Volume Gearing (AVG) mechanism, a self-supporting modular volume adjustment mechanism that reduces potential effects of hand warmth on measurements. Get better pipetting results without exerting much effort as the FinnPipette F2 pipettes present light pipetting action and come with the super blow-out feature, guaranteeing complete delivery of micro-size drops. Revolutionary convenience is provided with a supportive finger rest for holding the pipette at the best pipetting angle, a rounded tip ejector button for a comfortable thumb position even when wearing gloves, a soft touch tip ejection mechanism for lesser force and effort when releasing tips, and more.

Shop a range of ThermoFisher FinnPipette F2 lab pipettes from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect laboratory pipettes for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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