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Thermo Fisher Scientific pipettes are favored by scientific, clinical, and research laboratories worldwide because these deliver high-accuracy and precision, meeting requirements of various liquid handling applications. Designed with ergonomics in mind, Thermo Fisher pipettes are recommended for everyday lab use as these offer comfortable right and left-hand operation, minimized ejection forces, low tip adjustment and plunger forces, and more -- all helping reduce common repetitive strain injuries. Engineered with the latest technology and model specific safety features such as a clip system that ensures complete sealing on each channel plus fully autoclavable tip cones for minimized sample contamination risks, Thermo Fisher pipettes return consistent and accurate results for the most simple to the most demanding pipetting tasks. These pipettes improve user-efficiency and lab productivity with valuable functions including capability of storing the most common pipetting protocols for easy retrieval and various pipetting modes like reverse pipetting, repetitive pipetting, mixing, diluting, and more.

Lab.Equipment presents an inventory of manual and electronic ThermoFisher lab pipettes from the FinnPipette F1, FinnPipette F2, Novus Electronic, F1-ClipTip, E1-ClipTip Electronic, and E1-ClipTip Equalizer series. We carry single channel and multi-channel units capable of dispensing fixed or variable volumes. All FinnPipette and Novus models guarantee quality proven by compliance to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 standards. Available ClipTip pipettes lock tips in place, preventing any instances of loose tips or leaks no matter the application pressure used.

Choose the best ThermoFisher Scientific pipette for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

Thermo Fisher FinnPipette F1 Pipettes

FinnPipette F1 Series dispenses volume ranging from 0.2 μL to 10 ml. All models come with a secure volume lock feat.

Thermo Fisher FinnPipette F2 Pipettes

FinnPipette F2 Series caters volume capacities of 0.2 μL up to 10 mL. F2 pipettes are created with sturdy PVDF, are resistant to strong chemicals and UV light, and are fully autoclavable.

Thermo Fisher Novus Electronic Pipettes

Novus electronic pipettes are offered in single channel and multichannel models with dispensing capabilities of 1 µL up to 10000µL. All models come with 9 pipetting speeds.

Thermo Fisher F1-ClipTip Pipettes

F1-ClipTip pipettes accommodate volume capacities of 1 µl until 1000 µL. These pipettes are designed to be used with the ClipTip pipette tips and feature a unique interlocking technology to secure attachment with just a light touch.

Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Electronic Pipettes

E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes are comprised of single channel, multichannel, and adjustable tip models that accommodates volume ranges of 0.5-12.5 up to a maximum of 15-1250 μL. Available models can store up to 20 programs for most common pipetting protocols.

Thermo Fisher E1-ClipTip Equalizer Pipettes

E1-ClipTip Equalizer Pipettes come with 6- and 8-channel 96-format models with space that can be set ranging from 9.0mm - 19.8mm. While 384-format equalizer pipettes are available in 8- and 12-channel models with min space set at 4.5mm to 14.2mm max.

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