Top 5 Reasons That Make Lab.Equipment Unique

June 08, 2018 | Site Updates

Are you stuck with the traditional big catalog distributors? Or do you still shop on other marketplaces that only sell a few stocks of lab equipment on them? You don’t have to endure this struggle anymore because Lab.Equipment can help you gain the procurement power for your laboratory that allows you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


Explore below the top five reasons that make Lab.Equipment the best among all other marketplaces for lab equipment, supplies, and consumables:

1. Real Time Price Comparisons from 100+ Vendors

    Available on the right hand side of the page of any product on the site, the real time price comparison feature lets consumers see the most     updated price of the product within the last 24 hours from all the major distributors and from Lab.Equipment. We beat any advertised     online price for every single product on the site, which is why Lab.Equipment prices are guaranteed to always be the lowest

2. Side-by-Side Specification Comparisons of Every Product

    To replace the traditional way of comparing products on lab equipment distributor websites, Lab.Equipment populated millions of data and     completed a list of product specifications for every single product on the website. The filter feature on the left-hand side of the category     pages allows you to drill down the products from different manufacturers, set a specific price range, and populate products based on     advanced filters. This is the first true apples-to-apples product comparison that has ever existed in the lab equipment marketplace.

3. Reviews, FAQ’s, Videos, and Unique Product Descriptions

    Lab.Equipment provides well-thought product descriptions that help consumers make a smart purchasing decision. From manufacturers’     data, category descriptions, product information, PDF, videos, manuals, and product brochures -- each of these resources were     meticulously written by our lab equipment experts to help you learn the difference of a specific product from one competitor to another.

4. Live Price Matching of Contract Discounts

    Are you sick of waiting for a sales representative to get back to you with a price quote request? Lab.Equipment is designed with an instant     quote tool located inside of the product detail pages. By simply filling out the short information field, the instant quote tool allows you to     download a PDF copy of the price quote you requested.

5. Subscription Based Re-Orders for Volume Saving

    For customers who have better contract price than what is existing on our website, the Make An Instant Offer tool might come in handy for     you. Easily search for the product you are looking for on the Lab.Equipment website, click the Make An Instant Offer button, then enter in     the price that you’re currently buying for under contract pricing from one of the other distributors. Once you have submitted your offer, we     will match it in real-time by adding it to your cart at a lower price or one of our lab equipment experts will get back to you shortly via email.

Do you want to learn how you can gain your own special procurement power? Start shopping on Lab.Equipment today to get the best lab equipment unit for your applications and make your purchasing process hassle-free and budget-saving!

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