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Tuttnauer lab autoclaves are innovatively engineered to provide convenient and safe sterilization of various laboratory instruments, lab glassware, plastics, culture media, liquids, biological waste, and other lab supplies. Built with an advanced control system and cooling technology plus offering safety features such as a device that does not allow users from opening chamber door if unit is still pressurized, these space-saving Tuttnauer autoclaves guarantee excellent performance for industries including pharmaceutical, research, universities, food, biotech, and medical laboratories.

Lab.Equipment supplies a full-spectrum of Tuttnauer benchtop autoclaves from the EL-D, EL-Fully Automatic, and ML series. Tuttnauer models from these series offer chamber volumes ranging from 23L - 160L. We carry non-automatic, semi-automatic or automatic Tuttnauer autoclaves, with or without built-in printers, and with or without RS232 interface.

Discover the perfect Tuttnauer lab autoclave for your specific application by clicking on the products below.

Tuttnauer EL-D Autoclaves

EL - D Benchtop Autoclaves Series ranges from 28L to 160L chamber volume. All models feature biohazard and waste sterilization perfect for life sciences applications.

Tuttnauer EL Autoclaves

EL - Fully Automatic Benchtop Sterilizers Series ranges from 23L to 160L chamber volume. All models come with integrated built-in printed and ADMC software for convenient and comprehensive calibration of data.

Tuttnauer ML Autoclaves

ML Series serves as the most cost-efficient sterilization solution ranging from 23L to 160L chamber volume.

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