Tuttnauer ML Autoclaves

ML Series serves as the most cost-efficient sterilization solution ranging from 23L to 160L chamber volume.

Lab.Equipment carries an efficient and economical range of semi-automatic benchtop autoclaves from Tattnauer ML Series. Built with electro-mechanical controls and vertical steam sterilizers, the ML Series ensures to provide safe and effective sterilization of low sensitive solutions, solid items, and glassware. These autoclaves deliver promising performance ideal for use in diverse industries including biotechnological, pharmaceutical, food, research institutes, and universities. Tuttnauer guarantees to manufacture and release each ML model in compliance with various international directives and standards.

The Tuttnauer ML Series is constructed with a 316L grade stainless steel chamber proven to provide excellent rust resistance for long term usage of the autoclave. Aside from its built-in drainage protection, ML autoclaves brings upgraded digital safety features including a security device that prevents the operator from unlocking the door when the chamber is pressurized, a smart detector that stops the cycle from running if the door is improperly locked, and defense valves that discharges in case the pressure from the chamber exceeds the allowed limit.

ML Series of semi-automatic benchtop autoclaves are available in floor standing and benchtop models engineered to sterilize a variety of samples and instruments including nutrient media, buffer solutions, pipettes, tubes, filters, glassware, plastics, and more.

Shop a range of Tuttnauer ML series autoclaves from Lab.Equipment today. For any assistance needed in finding the perfect autoclaves for your specific application, feel free to chat us or leave us a message at [email protected].

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