Ultrasonic Cleaning System 2200ETH from Tuttnauer

Timer Yes
Controls (Digital/Mechanical) Mechanical
Tank Length (Inch) 3.9
Tank Depth (Inch) 5.5
Tank Width (Inch) 9.4
Tank Volume (Gallons) 0.7
Frequency (KHz) 0.05
Heater Yes
Sweep No
Drain Yes

With a comprehensive selection of accessible products in the market, choosing the right ultrasonic cleaner to ensure systematic cleaning for a variety of items used in electronics, industrial, as well as laboratory industries might take a lot of time. Worry not since Lab.Equipment is here to help you in getting the appropriate ultrasonic cleaner whatever your application may be.. The Tuttnauer 2200ETH minimizes the danger of infection and contamination as well as assures reliable sanitization of your equipment, wiping out any traces of blood, proteins, pigments, chemicals, greases, oils, and different contaminant residues. If you think that this unit does not make your cut, you can still get the ideal ultrasonic cleaner to meet your your application requirements through our review, FAQ, and comparison of the Tuttnauer 2200ETH to other ultrasonic cleaners accessible so continue reading below.

Lab.Equipment presents 119 ultrasonic cleaners from all 10 prominent manufacturers like Tuttnauer. Unlike any other supplier around, we would not just present you a product portfolio complete with repeating terms and jargons but instead, we will present you an improved knowledge about these ultrasonic cleaners, offering you ideas on what specific unit is ideal for your operation. Read product descriptions carefully drafted for you. Allow us to assist you in deciding if the Tuttnauer 2200ETH ultrasonic cleaner is the one you are searching for.

Read some prominent features of the Tuttnauer 2200ETH ultrasonic cleaner below:

Compared to other ultrasonic cleaners, what is the tank size and capacity of the Tuttnauer 2200ETH?

Tank Dimension

The 2200ETH has a tank size of 3.9 in x 5.5 in x 9.4 in and can hold up to about 0.7 gallons. It can be used for degassing of liquids, cell separation, and sample preparation.

What is the ultrasonic frequency of the Tuttnauer 2200ETH? Does it have a sweep mode option?

Frequency and Sweep Mode

The 2200ETH ultrasonic cleaner from Tuttnauer works with a frequency of 0.5 kHz. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a sweep mode option.

How do you control the Tuttnauer 2200ETH? Does it have a built-in timer?

Control Type and Timer

Presenting reliability, durability, as well as excellent performance, the cutting edge Tuttnauer 2200ETH is a mechanical ultrasonic cleaner that comes with a built-in timer.

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Can the Tuttnauer 2200ETH ultrasonic cleaner offer heated cleaning?


The 2200ETH ultrasonic cleaner is capable of heated cleaning and is ideal for removing waxy, fatty compounds as well as heavy soils.

Can I easily empty and drain the Tuttnauer 2200ETH ultrasonic cleaner?


The Tuttnauer 2200ETH model features a drain feature for systematic disposal of your cleaning solvents.

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  • Faster, better and damage free cleaning

  • Increased distribution of ultrasound energy

  • Improved cavitation

  • Simple and easy-to-read controls

  • High working frequency

  • Low noise levels

  • High power ultrasound generators

  • Wide choice of models with 3 to 90 liters capacity

  • Heating temperature and cleaning time control by microprocessor

Ultrasonic cleaning is a safe, efficient and modern procedure which ensures perfect cleaning. If can remove even the most tenacious deposits, in the shortest time possible. Ultrasonic cleaning greatly reduces the risk of cross - contamination and infection that can occur with manual cleaning. The SONICA® ultrasonic cleaners are constructed of advanced electronic components and are available in various models. Cleaning times and temperatures are controlled electronically by a microprocessor. Waterproof control panel. The SONICA® ultrasonic serves as standard equipment in dental surgeries, hospitals, tattoo and piercing studio’s, chemical laboratories, manufacturing industries, the optical industry, jewellery industry, defense industry and others.

  • The 2200 model is offered with 4 control options: M, MH ETH and EP.

  • Ultrasonic cleaner ETH models with timer and heating electronic control 5; 10; 15 min. 40°C; 50°C; 60°C - liquid drain

For ultrasonic cleaning, instrument pre-soak, and evacuation systems

  • Two tablets added to warm water makes 4 Liters ultrasonic / enzymatic solution

  • Breaks down protein and organic matter such as blood, mucous and tissue

  • Anti-corrosive to protect instruments

  • Can be used with any ultrasonic cleaning system

  • Cleans and deodorizes all evacuation equipment

  • Non-toxic, bio-degradable, non-caustic

  • Eliminates heavy handling, mixing and storage of liquid concentrates

  • Available in 2 sizes: Box of 64 tablets or Box of 144 tablets.

Tuttnauer has been proving its global presence in the laboratory industry since 1925. With expertise in sterilization and infection control applications, Tuttnauer has been participating in wide-scale projects with renowned research facilities and universities since its initial operating stages. Engineered for exceptional performance in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization tasks, Tuttnauer’s wide ranging product line includes sterilizers for hospitals and research institutes, laboratory autoclaves offered in various sizes and for different applications, washers and disinfectors for lab and medical industries, and sterilization products for CSSD. With certification and compliance to international standards such as the FDA, ASME, ISO and CE Medical Devices, Tuttnauer’s products are ensured to be high-performing and of premium quality. Headquarters based in Netherlands and New York (USA) enabled Tauttner to support worldwide operations in regions including Latin America & Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and USA & Canada.    

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Drain: Yes
Timer: Yes
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Controls (Digital/Mechanical): Mechanical
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Frequency (KHz): 0.05
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Heater: Yes
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Sweep: No
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Depth (Inch): 5.5
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Length (Inch): 3.9
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Volume (Gallons): 0.7
[Ultrasonic Cleaner] Tank Width (Inch): 9.4

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