Combination Carrier for chamber slides and dishes from Hermle

Hermle Z326-MPCA



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Compatible with

  • Z306 Universal Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z326 Universal Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z326-K Refrigirated Universal Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z366 Universal Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z366-K Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z446 High Capacity Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z446-K Refrigerated High Capacity Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z496-K Ultra High Capacity Floor Standing Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z496-K-UC Ultra High Capacity Underbench Centrifuge from Hermle

  • Z326-02MP 2x3 swing out microplate rotor

  • Z446-750-MP Microplate carrier for Z446-750-AC rotor 2/pk

The Z326-MPCA combination carrier is the ONLY accessory available for the centrifugation of chamber slides and dishes. Until now, centrifugation of these common vessels required researchers to invest in creating their own. This was time consuming, expensive, and in some cases unsafe. The revolutionary design of the Hermle Z326-MPCA is the solution, and is EXCLUSIVE to Hermle/Benchmark. The Z326-MPCA features three slots for chamber slides, as well as, two round positions to secure 35mm and 60mm dishes.

Centrifugation of chamber slides and dishes have multiple applications, including:

  • Inducing contact of bacteria or viral particles with cells (usually for the purpose of infection and consequent imaging)

  • Inducing contact between cultured cells and particles (nanoparticles, beads, non-soluble reagents)

  • Treatment/washing of cells cultivated in suspension

  • Also useful for certain experimental microscope slide techniques

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