UX4200H Precision Scale from Shimadzu

Readability (mg) 10
Capacity (g) 4200
Stabilization Time (sec) 1.5
Repeatability (mg) 10
Pan Size (mm) 180
Internal Calibration No
RS-232 Yes
Bluetooth No
PS2 No
WiFi No
Ethernet No
Display Alpha Numeric LCD

Exceptional Sensitivity for High Accuracy Weighing Measurements

The UX4200H Precision Scale from Shimadzu provides high-accuracy weighing of tiny samples or particulate matter made possible by its 10 mg sensitivity. Long-lasting and engineered for laboratories even for industrial facilities, production houses, or educational institutions, the Shimadzu UX4200H rolls out close measurement values, ensuring cost-efficient weighing for manufacturing purposes, day-to-day laboratory tasks, as well as quality control processes. In need of other top loading balance alternatives with a similar 10 mg resolution? Go for the UX420S Precision Scale from Shimadzu. For a model that provides higher sensitivity, you can check out the UX1020H Precision Scale from Shimadzu.

Maximum Repeatability for Powerful Sample Mass Weighing

Allot more time on data analysis than data recording through the Shimadzu UX4200H balance. Putting forward a repeatability of 10 mg, the UX4200H Precision Scale from Shimadzu leads to consistent weighing values so there is no need to go back to ground zero every time they duplicate their study. Take unequivocal measurement values all throughout your weighing process, even with multi users managing the unit, for credible results when it comes to routine weighing applications. If you need a unit with a higher repeatability value, you can opt for the UX820H Precision Scale from Shimadzu.

Functional Weighing for Lab, Field, and More

Whether doing activities out in the field or in a lab, the Shimadzu UX4200H makes sure of precision and accuracy in weighing every time with its external calibration feature that permits manual calibration by using test weights approved to validate measurements. Be sure your load would not exceed 4200 g as this is the maximum the precision scale can carry through its 180 mm weighing pan. A good option for a higher capacity unit but with the same readability as the Shimadzu UX4200H would be the UX6200H Precision Scale from Shimadzu or the PS 8100.R2.M Precision Balance from Radwag.Looking for another model but with just the same capacity as this unit? You can pick from the UX4200S Precision Scale from Shimadzu instead.

Simplified Weighing Through Notable Features

ISO compliant icon ISO Compliant

Execute a more cost-effective workflow right at your hands and meet requirements with this precision scale that issues ISO-compliant reports and adheres to high quality risk-based management systems.

GLP Compliant icon GLP Compliant

Printing out GLP-compliant reports complete with time, date, balance ID, and more, this Shimadzu model offers effortless tracking down of tasks for your study or experiment, securing data credibility. You won't have tospend time reformatting these ever again.

GMP Compliant icon GMP Compliant

Complying to GMP standards that hold high significance to quality assurance and management, this Shimadzu UX4200H top loading scale prints out reports including results, weighing time, and operator details to name a few. This makes it a model to buy for food and drug manufacturing, processing, and packaging industries that put high importance on quality testing and management.

Alphanumeric LCD icon Alpha Numeric LCD

Viewing weighing values in the lab, on field, or even in poorly lit facilities will not be a problem with the Shimadzu UX4200H scale since it's equipped with a durable and perfectly sized Alphanumeric LCD. Not only does it help users to vividly read values from any point or angle but it also reduces data readout slip-ups.

Unequivocal Operational Productivity

Check measurement weighing results fast from the UX4200H Precision Scale from Shimadzu that steadies and shows values within 1.5 seconds. With USB and RS-232 ports, this Shimadzu unit can effortlessly transfer results to devices, computers, and printers. In addition to this, no need to waste time in reformatting reports because this Shimadzu balance warrants observance to GMP, GLP, and ISO regulations so users can re-allocate time to activities with higher prio.

The new line of Shimadzu top-loading balances are engineered with the innovative UniBloc mechanism which brings superior impact resistance unrivaled quick response, excellent stability and durability at the same time. Powerful features support any imaginable weighing application.

UniBloc technology and benefits

The traditional core assembly of the electro-magnetic balance is replaced by a single part, the aluminum Shimadzu UniBloc. Digitally controlled wire-cut electric discharge processing makes it possible. This technology, which Shimadzu introduced in our EB-K precision platform balances as early as 1989, brings excellent benefits to the operator. Quick response, stability against temperature change, and outstanding durability. (Patented in USA in 1989, No.4799561, in China in 1991, No.12729, in Japan in 1995, No.1905686)

Built-in Clock GLP/GMP/ISO Conformance 

Display during stand-by Best for establishing administrative system to meet requirements of GLP/GMP/ISO9000. Calibration records can be provided with date and time.

Analog display modes

Full range

Bar graph clearly indicates the total weight (including the tare) as a portion of the balance capacity.


Select a target weight and tolerance. The display clearly indicates when they are reached.


Set an upper and lower limit. The display continually indicates whether the sample is within the range "GO", over range "HI" or under range "LO". Choose one of the two bar graph display modes.

LCD with backlight

LCD with backlight can be read with ease and comfort in any location without brightness adjustment.

WindowsDirect function

The balance communicates directly to a PC with Windows® applications. No additional software is needed to interface with spreadsheet, database, word processing, and laboratory software.

WindowsDirect function works Windows® 95, 98, 2000, NT4.0, Me and XP. PC must be IBM PC/AT compatible.

Unit conversion

Weight value is presented in 22 units and modes, including percentage, carat, specific gravity, lb, oz, and so on. Users can choose any combination of units depending on their needs.

Piece counting function

Piece counting function is installed as standard.

For more than 140 years, Shimadzu Corporation has been manufacturing unique and leading-edge products including analytical measurement instruments such as lab balances, aircraft equipment, engine monitoring systems, medical and laser devices, industrial machineries, and hydraulic systems. Dedicated to creating a positive impact through science and technology breakthroughs, Shimadzu gives prime importance to innovation and technical proficiency in order to provide users with highly-advanced, efficient, and robust cutting-edge solutions. With a global network of distributors and subsidiaries based in Japan, North America, Latin America, Europe, Russia, Middle East and Africa, Asia & Oceania, and China and East Asia, Shimadzu is capable of producing and supplying a wide array of technological solutions to scientific and engineering professionals worldwide.

Ensure highly-accurate measurements with Shimadzu's product line carried by Lab.Equipment:

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Ethernet: No
Mobile App: No
[Lab Balance] Bluetooth: No
[Lab Balance] Capacity (g): 4200
[Lab Balance] Display: Alpha Numeric LCD
[Lab Balance] GCP: No
[Lab Balance] GLP: Yes
[Lab Balance] GMP: Yes
[Lab Balance] ISO: Yes
[Lab Balance] Internal Calibration: No
[Lab Balance] PS2: No
[Lab Balance] Pan Size (mm): 180
[Lab Balance] RS-232: Yes
[Lab Balance] Readability (mg): 10
[Lab Balance] Repeatability (mg): 10
[Lab Balance] Stabilization Time (sec): 1.5
[Lab Balance] USB: Yes
[Lab Balance] WiFi: No

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