Video Review on SK-L180-E Analog Linear Shaker From Scilogex

June 04, 2018 | Reviews

Getting the right linear shaker that perfectly meets your application requirements and budget is not an easy job considering the large list of options existing in the market today. With proper research, guidance from the lab experts, and correct information, you can surely opt for the best linear shaker that can help achieve your projected lab results.


In the video review, John shares the experience of a chemist and biology student who ordered and used the Scilogex SK-L-180-E Analog Linear Shaker from Lab.Equipment to inform other lab professionals about its pros and cons for specific applications. Based on these customer reviews, John suggests alternative models that other lab professionals might want to consider when purchasing their next lab shaker.

If you feel like you might be in the same position as these customers then you can take these advices for your first lab shaker purchase from Lab.Equipment:

  • Chemist


    Its compact design saves ample space in our lab. My only concern is the analog control -- kinda hassle to use compared to the digital ones in the market. But overall, it's not really bad considering its shaking performance and its price. 

    Biology Student


    We always use this for our cell biology class and I must say that it really mixes our samples effectively. It's stable and easy to operate. I feel the price is reasonable for what it does. Good unit. 

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Check out this list of lab shaker models that can serve as alternative to the Scilogex SK-L180-E Analog Linear Shaker:

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