Video Review on SK-L330-PRO LCD Digital Linear Shakers From Scilogex

July 02, 2018 | Reviews

Looking around for the ideal linear shaker that precisely fits your budget and lab applications might take a lot of your time, seeking advice and information from the lab experts can make it all hassle-free. Gain insights from helpful, verified reviews submitted by Lab.Equipment customers who purchased digital linear shaker units from the managed marketplace.


In this video review, John speaks about the testimonial of a molecular biology research head and a molecular biology research associate who both acquired and used the Scilogex SK-L330-Pro LCD Digital Linear Shaker from Lab.Equipment. The reviews surely informed other lab professionals about the unit’s strengths and weaknesses for specific applications. Based on these customer reviews, John gives other linear shaker models to choose from to help other lab professionals on their next lab shaker purchase.

Below are a few and short reviews on Scilogex SK-L330-PRO LCD Digital Linear Shakers from our previous customers that might contribute to your purchasing decisions.

  • Molecular Biology Research Head


    One time I used it for straight 4 hours and I'm beyond impressed with how this shaker performed. Got it 2 months ago for a fair price, can't remember if it was discounted or something. So far it's one of my best purchases for our lab.

    Molecular Biology Research Associate


    Easy to use and very reliable. It can shake up to almost 8 kilos per run -- which is really helpful for me especially because I work on large sample volumes + high throughput applications.

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If you are looking for another lab shaker option that can meet your application requirements, feel free to check out the Scilogex SK-L-180-Pro LCD Digital Linear Shaker.

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