VXHDDG Vortex Mixer from Ohaus

Ohaus 30392146
Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Speed Type Variable Speed
Mixing Movement Orbital
Min Speed (RPM) 300
Max Speed (RPM) 3500
Max Load Capacity (lbs) 2.4
Timer Yes
Orbit Diameter (mm) 4.9
Display LED
CE approved Yes
CSA approved No
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz) 60
Electrical Max Voltage (V) 120
Power (w) 30
Type Vortex

Lab mixers are critical when doing sample preparation work, experiments, testing, and analysis. Designed for general-purpose mixing, disintegration and emulsification of samples, as well as for homogenization applications, these mixers are vital equipment to scientific and research facilities. With hundreds of mixer options available in the market today plus considering the sample solubilities and viscosities these mixers should be able to accommodate, acquiring the perfect unit to meet your lab protocols can be quite overwhelming and time-consuming. No worries, Lab.Equipment is here to help you shop smart. Find out if the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer meets your application requirements with well-curated product data presented below. If you think this unit is not what you exactly need, you can still browse through our frequently asked questions and customer reviews to help with your search, or use our Compare button to assess the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer against other mixers in our inventory.

Lab.Equipment delivers 10 lab mixers from Ohaus, one of today's most trusted lab equipment manufacturers. Whether in need of just a simple mixer for everyday lab use or an advanced unit for more complex lab processes, you can rely on us to provide you only the latest units with the best pricing options possible. Focus more of your time working on critical tasks rather than dealing with distributors who only confuse you with buzzwords and give product brochures that do not really help. Let Lab.Equipment direct you to the right lab mixer perfect for your samples and sample viscosities while saving your time and budget.

What type of lab mixer is the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer?

A Digital Orbital, the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer is recommended for consistent mixing of small volume liquids and is mostly used in biochemical, microbiology, analytical, bioscience, and cell culture laboratories.

How much sample load can the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer handle?

With the Ohaus VXHDDG, you can work on samples weighing up to 2.4 lbs.

What mixing motion can the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer provide?

Handle liquid substances and solutions with the Ohaus VXHDDG that runs with an Orbital mixing movement.

How fast can the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer run?

The Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer can operate with Variable speed, starting from 300 RPM up to 3500 RPM.

Want to request a PDF quote for the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer?

All you have to do is easily fill out the "Instant Quote" tool above and we will email the quote straight to your inbox in less than a minute. No phone tag with annoying and high-pressure sales representatives. That's our guarantee.

What other features would make me want to choose this laboratory mixer?

The Ohaus VXHDDG also features a digital control for convenient monitoring of data and adjustment of settings, an orbit diameter of 4.9mm, a LED display for clear data readings, and a timer function for meeting application requirements.

Is the Ohaus VXHDDG Vortex Mixer compliant to any standards organization?

Yes, the Ohaus VXHDDG is CE approved.

Heavy-Duty Vortex Mixers feature a heavy-duty design and efficient motor to permit continuous duty operation, and the ability to handle accessory components over the entire speed range. Analog variable speed models or microprocessor-controlled digital models offer exact speed control when applications demand repeatable results. A wide range of accessories are available for microtubes, microplates and a variety of tube sizes from 0.5 to 50 ml.


ELISA Assays, PCR Preparations, Digestions, Cell Disruptions


Independent LED displays for speed/time allow the operator to view both settings simultaneously (digital models) and adjustment knob with dial markings for variable speed control (analog models)


Detachable 3-wire cord and plug (included)




Cycoloy, Touch/Standby/On rocker switch (both models)

Design Features

Universal holder, foam insert for (38) 1.5 to 2 ml microtubes, universal cover and cup head (included)  

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CE approved: Yes
CSA approved: No
Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
Electrical Max Frequency (Hz): 60
Electrical Max Voltage (V): 120
Timer: Yes
[Lab Mixer] Display: LED
[Lab Mixer] Max Load Capacity (lbs): 2.4
[Lab Mixer] Max Speed (RPM): 3500
[Lab Mixer] Min Speed (RPM): 300
[Lab Mixer] Mixing Movement: Orbital
[Lab Mixer] Orbit Diameter (mm): 4.9
[Lab Mixer] Power (w): 30
[Lab Mixer] Speed Type: Variable Speed
[Lab Mixer] Type: Vortex

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