XA 52.4Y.M Microbalance from Radwag

Radwag XA 52.4Y.M
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Readability (mg) 0.005
Capacity (g) 51
Stabilization Time (sec) 3.5
Repeatability (mg) 0.004
Pan Size (mm) 50
Internal Calibration Yes
RS-232 Yes
Bluetooth No
PS2 No
WiFi Yes
Ethernet Yes
Display Touch

Given a plethora of models and brands available when choosing a 0.005 mg readability Microbalance, Lab.Equipment knows how much of a struggle buying the perfect lab balance for your application is. We are here to make your unit selection process easier. Discover if the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance can meet demands of your workroom with the latest product data presented below. If not, easily go over our frequently asked questions, reviews from customers, or compare the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M against other Microbalances to find your ideal lab balance.

Lab.Equipment supplies 12 microbalances from Radwag, depend on us to only offer helpful product information and descriptions. Not like other distributors who only confuse you with complicated terms or buzzwords, we cut to the chase and simplify everything for you. Let's help you save valuable budget and time by making sure you get the best microbalance for your lab applications, whether it is with this Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance or not.

Compared to other 0.005mg readability balances available, how sensitive and accurate is the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance?

The Radwag XA 51.4Y.M offers a 0.005mg repeatability, ensuring accuracy and validity when it comes to results.

How precise is the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance against other 0.005mg readability balances?

With a repeatability of 0.005mg, the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M makes way for reproducible results.

What is the response time of the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance in comparison with other 0.005mg readability balances?

The Radwag XA 51.4Y.M stabilizes and displays results at 3.5 seconds after the sample has been placed on the unit.

Need a PDF quote Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance?

All you have to do is to click the "Instant Quote" tool at the top of the page and fill out the form to have the PDF delivered to your inbox within 30 seconds. Don't worry, you'll never have to talk to high-pressure sales representatives. That's our guarantee.

How do you calibrate the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance?

Prevent notable variations when it comes to measuring results. Regular calibration is a breeze on the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M thanks to its Internal Calibration.

What size of samples can I weigh on a Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance with a 0.002 mg readability range?

Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Pan Size

The Radwag XA 51.4Y.M comes with a 50mm max diameter pan size.

Weighing Capacity

Ensure you are working on samples weighing not more than 51 g.

Other significant features of the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance

Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Connectivity

The Radwag XA 51.4Y.M has options built in to connect to your lab's network including Wifi and an Ethernet port.

Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Display Screen

Experience clear and excellent data monitoring and readout with the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance that comes with a Touchscreen display.

Accreditations of the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance

The Radwag XA 51.4Y.M is ISO and GLP compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance:

Can I connect the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M to a printer?

The Radwag XA 51.4Y.M build with a USB port that you can attach it to a printer. With an RS232 port, you can also connect it to an RS232 printer.

Can I connect the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance to my lab's network?

Made with a built-in Wifi included on the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M you can easily connect to a wireless LAN network and also available with an ethernet port, where you can connect it to your wired LAN as well.

Do you have any questions about the Radwag XA 51.4Y.M Microbalance that we missed answering for you here?

Feel free to ask us through the live chat to the right, our Contact us page, or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you asap with a friendly response.

4Y.M microbalances feature modern design that enables high accuracy and fast measurements.

They are equipped with reliable measuring system housed within a tight casing. With this feature, the balance provides accuracy and fast measurement for almost any laboratory conditions. The electronic part of the balance features modern hardware and software architecture. Integrated software, Windows Embedded Compact 7, Flash memory, Double Hardware System guarantee speed and reliability of collecting and processing information. 4Y.M series is equipped with 5.7" LCD colour touch screen which improves weighing instruments operation and presenting measurements results. Complex databases enable to register, print and export measurements. The weighing instrument system supports 13 languages. 4Y.M microbalance is an optimized modern tool equipped with an automatic levelling control system (LevelSENSING).

Customization option is based on individual operators’ profiles and permissions levels that limit the access to the weighing instrument's menu. Programmable proximity sensors offer wide range of possibilities: zeroing, taring, printing and more.

Numerous functions, such as differential weighing, enable multi-step mass control of the same sample subjected to different processes.

The software security system and the ability to document the process using printouts (standard/non-standard) ensures compliance of the weighing instruments with GLP/GMP systems in almost every area (pharmacy, petrochemistry, environment protection and many others).


Max capacity [Max]: 52 g

Minimum load: 0,5 mg

Readability [d]: 5 µg

Tare range: -52 g

Repeatability: 4 µg

Linearity: ±20 µg

Eccentric load deviation: 20 µg

Sensitivity temperature drift: 1×10⁻⁶/°C×Rt

Sensitivity stability: 1×10⁻⁶/Year×Rt

Minimum weight (USP): 4 mg

Minimum weight: 0,4 mg

Weighing chamber dimensions:170×200×220 mm

Stabilization time: ~ 3,5 s

Adjustment: internal

Working temperature: +10÷+40 °C

Atmospheric humidity 40% ÷ 80%

Power supply: 13,5 ÷ 16 V DC

Display: 5,7'' (panel touchscreen)

Interface: 2×USB, 2×RS 232, Ethernet, Wireless Module, 4 Inputs, 4 Outputs (digital)

Pan Size: ø 50 mm

Packaging size: 720×385×485 mm

Net weight: 9,8 kg

Gross weight: 14,3 kg

Power consumption: 700mA (wireless terminal - 1A) 

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Ethernet: Yes
Mobile App: No
[Lab Balance] Bluetooth: No
[Lab Balance] Capacity (g): 51
[Lab Balance] Display: Touch
[Lab Balance] GCP: No
[Lab Balance] GLP: Yes
[Lab Balance] GMP: No
[Lab Balance] ISO: Yes
[Lab Balance] Internal Calibration: Yes
[Lab Balance] PS2: No
[Lab Balance] Pan Size (mm): 50
[Lab Balance] RS-232: Yes
[Lab Balance] Readability (mg): 0.005
[Lab Balance] Repeatability (mg): 0.004
[Lab Balance] Stabilization Time (sec): 3.5
[Lab Balance] USB: Yes
[Lab Balance] WiFi: Yes

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