Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge from Hermle

Hermle Z216-M
Controls (Digital/Analog) Digital
Refrigerated No
Speed Type Variable Speed
Rotor Swing
Min Speed (RPM) 200
Max Speed (RPM) 15,000
Max RCF 21379
Run Time Max (sec) 360000
Max Capacity 1.5 mL 44
Max Capacity 2 mL 44
Timer Yes
CE approved Yes
CSA approved No

Laboratory centrifuge devices are common to any clinical facilities. Whether you are working related on blood banking, cell and tissue culture, or microplate processing, reliable separation of liquid and gas fluids based on density is important. Finding the right laboratory centrifuge to spin liquid samples or extract suspended materials from various mediums is critical to any laboratory. Given a wide selection of models and brands available online, purchasing the ideal lab centrifuge for your applications can be a very demanding task. Lab.Equipment recognizes this struggle and is here to simplify your unit selection process. Discover how the Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge can meet your separation needs and routine applications below. If you are still looking for another centrifuge, you can browse through our customer reviews, FAQs, or compare the Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge from other units in our inventory to help with your search.

Since Lab.Equipment showcases 12 lab centrifuge units from all Centrifuge manufacturers including Hermle, this is the only website you will find true descriptions thoroughly written for you, you can trust that we’ll always bring you the best curated product data. Forget about dealing with distributors that only stuff your brain with complex terms and buzzwords that only confuse you along the way. We are here to make sure you acquire the perfect lab centrifuge while saving your time and budget. Check out our centrifuge finder tool or go through our carefully written product descriptions to see the best unit for your lab protocols, whether it is with this Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge or not.

What is the rate of centrifugation offered by the Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge?

The Hermle Z216-M spins samples with speeds ranging from 200 RPM to 15000 RPM. Made to offer variable speed, it lets users change speed rates or adjust speed control based on sample types or specific applications being worked on.

How much separation power does the Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge present?

Spin your samples with the Hermle Z216-M that provides a maximum RCF of 21379 x g.

Is the Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge a refrigerated unit or not?

The Hermle Z216-M is a non-refrigerated unit best not just for applications dealing with non-temperature sensitive samples but also for a variety of clinical and routine applications that do not demand precise temperature control.

Want to request a PDF quote for the Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge?

You can simply fill out the "Instant Quote" tool at the top of the page and we'll email the quote straight to your inbox within 30 seconds. Don't worry, you'll never have to talk to high-pressure sales representatives. That's our guarantee.

Does the Hermle Z216-M High Speed Microcentrifuge come with a timer?

The Hermle Z216-M has an automatically switch off. Yes, It features timer.

  • Eight rotor options with capacity up to 44 x 1.5/2.0ml

  • High speed, 15,000 rpm/21,379 xg

  • Accepts tubes from 0.2ml to 5ml

  • Advanced controls with automatic rcf conversion

Compact, quiet, and powerful are just a few of the features found on the Z216 series microcentrifuges. Add to this, the versatility of eight available rotor options, and the result is the ideal microcentrifuge for the modern molecular biology laboratory.

All common microtubes (0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1.5ml, 2.0ml) can be accepted as well as PCR strips, hematocrit tubes, and even 5.0ml centrifuge tubes. Advanced microprocessor controls allow for setting/displaying of the rotational speed in either rpm or rcf. In addition to retrieving saved programs, the easy to use front panel can adjust accel/decel rates, and change the end of run alarm tone. Despite a remarkably small footprint, the Z216 series offers a uniquely designed 44 x 1.5ml dual row rotor, nearly doubling the capacity when compared to traditional microcentrifuges.  

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CE approved: Yes
CSA approved: No
Controls (Digital/Analog): Digital
Depth DIM (mm): 389
Height DIM (mm): 290
Refrigerated: No
Timer: Yes
Weight (kg): 17
Width DIM (mm): 280
[Lab Centrifuge] Max Capacity 1.5 mL: 44
[Lab Centrifuge] Max Capacity 2 mL: 44
[Lab Centrifuge] Max RCF: 21379
[Lab Centrifuge] Max Speed (RPM): 15,000
[Lab Centrifuge] Min Speed (RPM): 200
[Lab Centrifuge] Rotor: Swing
[Lab Centrifuge] Run Time Max (sec): 360000
[Lab Centrifuge] Speed Type: Variable Speed

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