Discover an extensive portfolio of premium laboratory equipment meticulously curated by Lab.Equipment experts to suit applications ranging from scientific to industrial.

Working in partnership with well-known brands in the market, Lab.Equipment makes way for paramount technological solutions guaranteed to amplify work efficiency and productivity without sacrificing reliability, accuracy, and precision.

No matter what industry, tests to perform, and materials to work on, trust Lab.Equipment to exhibit only the best fit selection of laboratory equipment to conveniently carry out routine tasks and address your everyday lab challenges.

Explore Recommended Lab Equipment for Your Specific Application Today.

Pharmaceutical Lab Equipment

Find recommended drug analysis & pharmaceutical lab equipment for studying antibiotics, antacids, and vaccines or for carrying out raw material testing, impurity characterization, stability testing and storage, as well as quality checks.

Histopathology Lab Equipment

Histopathology labs not only examine and analyze a range of organ tissues but also conduct quality checks through tissue slicing, staining, and more. Work on tissue preparation and handling applications with confidence using versatile lab equipment from renowned brands.

Cannabis Lab Equipment

Work on profiling, analysis, and testing of Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ9-THC), Delta-8 Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ8-THC), Delta 9-Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (Δ9-THCA), and other cannabinoids using best-fit lab equipment to meet application demands.

Clinical Lab Equipment

Whether studying blood, plasma and other body fluids or conducting urinalysis, sugar testing, and CBC, ensure you choose and use only the right lab equipment. Get started with quality lab centrifuges, analytical balances, and more.

Microbiology Lab Equipment

Perform routine analysis, contamination detection, pcr analysis and other microbiological testing on bacteria, particulates in water, allergens, endotoxins, and more with appropriate microbilogical lab equipment from trusted names in the industry.

Biotechnology Lab Equipment

Run biotechnology quality control tests including proliferation testing, protein labeling, isolation testing, and more plus examine cells, enzymes, and a range of proteins and tissues with highly recommended lab instruments.

Chemistry Lab Equipment

Implement trace analysis, contamination identification, material identification and more on organic/inorganic compounds, metals, alloys, aqueous & non-aqueous materials with chemical laboratory equipment ranging from pipettes, autoclaves, and centrifuges.

Forensics Lab Equipment

Get started on drug analysis, dna profiling, compound determination, analysis of chemicals and toxins with lab equipment recommended for meeting forensic geology, crime scene processing, and other forensic testing applications.

Environmental Lab Equipment

Discover ideal lab equipment for environmental testing including contamination analysis, water quality testing, waste characterization, and more. Check out lab balances, centrifuges, and other lab instruments for use in soil, water, and metals evaluation.

Food Testing Lab Equipment

Food testing labs execute nutritional analysis, shelf life testing, analytical chemistry testing, and other food microbiology tests on a range of products including meat, poultry, food ingredients and more. Ensure food quality and safety applications with suggested lab instruments from Lab.Equipment.

Metallurgical Lab Equipment

Metallurgical labs require innovative laboratory equipment to carry out contamination analysis, chemical testing, materials verification, and more on copper, iron, alloys, and a range of metals. Get started on the right lab instruments for metallurgical testing applications by browsing our inventory today.

Petroleum Lab Equipment

No need to look further for petroleum lab instruments intended for materials analysis, water miscibility testing, trace analysis, quality checks, and more. Browse a range of lab equipment from centrifuges to ultrasonic cleaners catering to various petroleum testing applications.

Animal Lab Equipment

Animal labs call for robust lab equipment to ensure efficiency when working on in vivo testing, biological experiments, regulatory testing and more. Work on animal biomedical research, animal medicine and chemical applications, and cosmetic testing applications with highly recommended products from popular brands in the market.

Veterinary Lab Equipment

Discover top quality lab equipment best for veterinary labs implementing allergy testing, CBC, blood chemistry panel, molecular diagnostics, and more. Whether working on blood cells, fresh frozen tissues, and skin scrapes, rely on Lab.Equipment to provide instruments that can improve your lab workflows.

Dental Lab Equipment

Dental laboratories evaluate hemoglobin, white blood cells, enzymes, and other materials when working on biocompatibily testing, dental allergy testing, CBC, and more. Ensure safety and efficiency in meeting dental testing applications with lab equipment manufactured by renowned brands.

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