Metallurgical Lab Equipment

Metallurgical labs ensure quality control by carrying out tests like: contamination analysis, chemical testing, microhardness testing, macroscopic evaluation, materials verfication & development, impact testing, tensile testing, micro structural analysis, failure investigation & analysis, as well as case depth measurement.

These metallurgical labs evaluate metals, copper, iron, magnesium, chromium, alloys, as well as intermettalic compounds based on application needs.

Backed up with years of experience, Lab.Equipment offers a wide inventory of robust metallurgical lab equipment including lab balances, centrifuges, lab pipettes, autoclaves, and an array of laboratory equipment accessories for your energy & chemicals, consumer products, and metallurgical testing applications. For any questions or assistance needed, you can either reach us at 1-888-332-3850, email [email protected], or contact us.

Large metallurgical labs such as SGS, Bureau Veritas, Intertek, ALS Global, and Exova are anticipated to lead expansion of the testing and analysis services market. By 2023, it is anticipated to grow up to $29.1 billion worldwide.

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