Clinical Lab Equipment

Clinical labs carry out quality control by conducting tests including but not limited to: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP), stool culture, urine culture, urinalysis, uric acid testing, electrolytes testing, sugar test, and glucose tolerance.

Depending on application demands, these clinical labs examine blood, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, sputum, stool, plasma, and other body fluids.

Rely on Lab.Equipment for an extensive portfolio of cutting-edge clinical lab equipment including ultrasonic cleaners, lab balances, lab pipettes, lab centrifuges, autoclaves, and a collection of lab equipment accessories to help meet clinical testing applications. For any questions or assistance needed, you can either reach us at 1-888-332-3850, email [email protected], or contact us.

The clinical lab testing industry is projected to grow up to $342 billion by 2024 globally. Some key players taking the lead in this advancement are distinguished clinical labs such as Quest Diagnostics, Labco, LabCorp, Abbott Technologies, and Bio-reference Laboratories.

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