Forensics Lab Equipment

Forensic labs ensure quality checks by performing tests including but not limited to: trace analysis, drug analysis, dna profiling, color tests, elemental analysis, analysis of unknown chemicals, toxin and heavy metals evaluation, serology testing, fingerprinting identification, as well as compound determination.

Based on application demands, these forensic labs study blood, urine, other bodily fluids, poisons, toxins, hair, various compounds, as well as dna.

Trust Lab.Equipment to offer an extensive collection of versatile forensic lab instruments such as lab centrifuges, lab balances, lab pipettes, ultrasonic cleaners, autoclaves, and a range of lab equipment accessories to help meet crime scene processing, forensic geology, and forensic testing applications. For any questions or assistance needed, you can either reach us at 1-888-332-3850, email [email protected], or contact us.

The forensic lab testing market is projected to increase up to $17.7 billion by 2019 globally. Some key players at the frontline of this expansion are well-known forensic labs including Eurofins Scientific, LGC Forensics, Pyramidal Technologies Ltd, NMS Labs, and Spex Forensics.

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