Veterinary Lab Equipment

Veterinary labs conduct quality control and assurance by implementing tests like: allergy testing, complete blood count (CBC), CT & CAT scans, parasitology testing, rabies testing, urinalysis, blood chemistry panel, molecular diagnostics, fungal identification, and antibiotic sensitivity.

Depending on application demands, these veterinary labs analyze red blood cells, white blood cells, urine, stool, cells, fresh frozen tissues, skin scrapes, hair pluck samples, and other bodily fluids.

Lab.Equipment brings laboratories an extensive collection of top quality veterinary lab instruments including lab balances, lab centrifuges, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, lab pipettes, and a selection of lab instrument parts to measure up with animal pharmaceutical as well as veterinary research & testing applications. For any questions or assistance needed, you can either reach us at 1-888-332-3850, email [email protected], or contact us.

Popular labs including IDEXX Laboratories, ABAXIS, Inc., Heska Corporation, Neogen Corporation, and Thermo Fisher Scientific are deemed to lead expansion of the veterinary diagnostics market. By 2021, it is estimated to expand up to $6.71 billion worldwide.

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