Lab Autoclave

Choose the ideal lab autoclave perfect for your applications with our easy-to-use Autoclave finder below.

Lab.Equipment as of April 18, 2019 delivers reliable sterilization with 14 autoclaves from 4 of the most prominent manufacturers in the industry. Presenting an complete line of effective autoclaves with prices ranging from $ 1,176 to $31,706, rely upon Lab.Equipment to provide the ideal autoclave for your sterilization processes.

Quickly zero-in the autoclave suitable for your specific application requirements and laboratory budget through our user-friendly filter on the left. Easily narrow down our in-stock 14 autoclaves by product features including heating power offered by the unit, automation, and printer options.


Never waste time and money on the wrong unit by using our Compare button before you make a purchase, giving you honest apples-to-apples comparison of available autoclaves in the market.

Not in need of automation? Choose models from the Astell 33-63 Litre Benchtop series and the Benchmark Scientific BioClave series, otherwise, check fully automatic units from SystecLab's D-series and Labec's B&S series.

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