Dynamic multimodal Interactions in Navigating Wood Ants: What Do Path Details Tell Us About Cue Integration?

April 17, 2020 | Biology

This week's Lab.Equipment Biology news is sourced from Journal of Experimental Biology:

Cornelia Buehlmann, Alexia Aussel, and Paul Graham

Ants are expert navigators, using multimodal information to navigate successfully. Here, we present the results of systematic studies of multimodal cue use in navigating wood ants, Formica rufa. Ants learnt to navigate to a feeder that was defined by an olfactory cue (O), visual cue (V) and airflow (A) presented together. When the feeder, olfactory cue and airflow were all placed at the centre of the visual cue (VOACentre), ants did not directly approach the learnt feeder when either the olfactory or visual cue was removed. This confirms that some form of cue binding has taken place. However, in a visually simpler task... Want to read more? Visit the Journal of Experimental Biology​ Blog.

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